Monday, May 21, 2012

Laura Ingraham Naked

If you have ever been to this site, and more than likely since I have not posted much of anything in a year, you have not, I am a fan of Bill O'Riley.
Maybe I should say I was a fan.
Bill is working into his side of the debates he has with his guest's by calling himself the devils advocate. I just do not see the use of doing that. He has informed guests on his show at times, and I think he should take what they say at face value. If they speak in a manner that supports what he thinks, than great, if not, than prove them wrong in front of them and wait for comment.
Whats wrong with that ?
I am losing faith in Bill.
Which brings me to my post title, a naked Laura Ingraham.
I happened to switch on the factor tonight, and there she was filling in for Bill, with Bill as her first guest.
I want a prime time anchor with some balls that will present us with some facts, and maybe if there is some time left in the last few moments, Laura Ingraham naked 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Has it been a year ?

Has it really been a year since I posted something ?
I guess I just got tired of watching folks go blindly into our countries future.
With the way Romney has come up through the primaries, and the lack of attendance at the Obama functions here lately, maybe there is hope.
Maybe I could post again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Same Old Thing

I had to go back and look for this old pic, I used it in a few post some time ago when I was trying to make a point about some folks that just did not want to take a good look around at what was really going on in the world
Today I listened to a news report about how the Government is planning to do away with the emergency response system we have now, you know the one that interrupts the TV and radio with the loud beeping and then tells you " This is just a test "
From what I understand, we are to get special chips in our cell phones that will alert us to danger, special messages straight from the desk of Obama.
That would put them right in my pocket, capable of contacting me, and keeping track of me, maybe like a little lojack thing.
That doesn't sound like freedom, sounds like someone watching over me.
Which is why I posted my head in the sand pic.
Didn't we hear back when this Obama debacle started that our rights and liberties would be slowly chipped away ?
Didn't I use this pic to demonstrate what those that just stood by and did nothing, or followed blindly looked like ?
Hate to say I told you so.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Praise Goes to Who ?

So with all the protesters in the streets around the world crying for justice because Bin Laden was killed, how much longer will it be before Obama blames Bush for what happened ?
They have blamed him for everything else, we might as well believe that when the retribution starts it will all be laid at GW's doorstep.

Everything that led to the SEAL's dropping into that compound started with what Bush had built, Obama did nothing more than turn the key.
These people are taking a joyride thanks to someone else's plans and policies.

You want to leave Bush out of what happened, and continue to think that he is an idiot or a war criminal, that's your choice.

The evidence is there for all to see that the interrogation technique's worked, and Gitmo did it's job,
and whatever secret, behind the scenes thing that went on worked.

People cheer that Bin Laden is dead, but it didn't happen overnight.

For that matter, we don't even know if it did happen.

Look at it from a common sense, down to earth point of view. I sit here and I watch a neat and tidy package get handed to me that seems to get looked at and disposed of, and then I am told I am not allowed to even see a picture to even confirm what I have been told.

Who would believe any of this in the first place ?

The best part is we have not heard a straight story from the White House from the beginning, and as far as I am concerned, Geraldo Rivera broke the story because when the announcement was made Obama was going to tell the U.S. something, and held the television stations hostage for over an hour, I heard the reports on Fox News that bin Laden was dead.

Was that a plan, or did the White House have to come up with a good speech ?

Maybe Obama just wanted to screw with Trump and his show so we couldn't find out who got kicked off.

I think the women lost, and the model was fired.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Does The Race Card Get Maxed Out ?

Really Tavis ?

The only thing I agree with here is the fact that the next election will be nasty and ugly. As far as racist, you can be sure the Dems will be flashing the race card at every opportunity

I would really like to know what Joy Bonehead did in a past life to carry this much guilt around that she can defend every action and statement made by Obama.

Whether or not you believe in the birth certificate theories, in my opinion the fact that so much time and energy and money was wasted keeping it out of public view tends to send a message that something is wrong. The same thought goes for College records and writings why work so hard to keep Obama's past and his ideas and values away from the American people ?

How can Joy make the claim about Obama's overwhelming brilliance when she has no clue as to anything he said or wrote while in school ?

Whoopi started out making a good point, and she was on the right track, but lost me when she went off on her tangent saying Trump is causing the rest of the world to laugh at us because he called Obama out over the birth certificate.

Are you kidding me ? After she said herself that if he would have done this a long time ago we would not be going through this Birther ordeal, and admitted Trump deserved some credit, but still had to call the entire thing racial.

Alongside this video, I see this response to Trumps news conference

So this is what it comes down to, our Country will distracted by a race war while China creeps in and takes everything we have, and we slip into a communistic way of life, the end of America, right ?

Let me send a message to Whoppi, and Baratun, and the rest of the idiots that can't help but continue to ride around on that tired old train, it really is time to get off and take a look around.

Our Nation, our Freedom, and our way of life is being attacked from all sides, and allowing people to use racism to keep us from the truth is a tactic the left is using to their advantage.

It does not take courage to point a finger and accuse racism, it takes courage to make a stand knowing you could be labeled a racist, or worse.