Monday, May 18, 2009

What Burns My Ass

You know what burns my ass, besides a flame this high

Selective comments.

I post what I think, and I allow anyone to agree or disagree, to bash me, or to throw roses at my feet

All because without the chance to get opinions and ideas into the mix, our lives would be guided by people with an agenda, and we would be forced to live the way someone else saw fit
Well Hmmmm, didn't that happen to us once before ?

My rant today does not include Obama, or the government, or even the media that seems to carry the smell of Obamas Sunday dinner from the waist up
Today I am mad at a select few fellow bloggers, ones that I have read and commented on, and have in return commented here with opposing views
One blogger in particular carried this picture above and a post explaining that it was time to move away from the Pelosi situation, that the damage that Bush had done was done and it was time to move on
Just days earlier, the left thought that anyone connected to the " crimes " that the Bush administration committed while gathering information to keep further attacks from happening in the United States should be prosecuted.
They were ready to release reports, and pictures, and whatever it took to show the world that the US was a fair and just Nation
All of a sudden, it comes out that dear old Nancy may have been in on the meetings about what we were going to do with these prisoners that may have had some information about future attacks
Now we get to the part that makes me mad because I read on many of the ( cough cough ) left ( cough cough ) blogs that it is time to move forward, lets all look ahead, we cannot change the past.
I left a similar comment on many of these sites that stated simply If a crime was committed, then Nancy could be guilty as well. I wanted to see what response I would get from the other readers that also left comments
I did this 3 days ago and I looked this morning, and none of my comments have been posted.
The left answered my question exactly the way I thought they would


Malcolm said...

I think you know where I stand politically. However, Nancy Pelosi has some answering to do.

I'm disappointed that the left-wing blogs you visited didn't post your comments. To be fair though, selective comment moderation isn't a tactic used exclusively by the left.

lot 2 learn said...

@ malcom
I agree, It happens everywhere.
My opinions for both sides of the isle are becoming very low.
We lose our speech, we lose everything

Casey Brown-Myers said...

Liberals and their arguments cannot stand up to scrutiny. I invite debate on my blog and am willing to defend whatever argument of the day. Liberals think their ideas should not be questioned and any debate should be suppressed. A great example of this is when AlGore refuses to debate the causes of global warming. He knows that crap he peddles cannot stand up to scrutiny but claims it as fact anyway.

Don said...

It's hell to be reasonable when you're busy running scared.

Da Old Man said...

You had to know that was going to happen.

The policy of the Left has evolved into Shutupism. If you don't agreee, you lose your voice.

Josh said...

Those who know me know that my political convictions are basically a scatter-shot. I only want what I feel to be best for my country... and this has always meant, to me, that the likes of Pelosi shouldn't be anywhere near authority.

Ideology has nothing to do with it. Pelosi, with her habitual hogwash, isn't a good person.

This should stand out to both the right and left. Sometimes you have to kick someone to the curb, even if they're willing to save the salt marsh field mouse with your tax dollars!

Any politician so willing to throw any and everyone under the bus without even considering owning up to their faults is a criminal-minded individual. Barney Frank is another example. And I'm sure the right has their fair share.

While this is being spun into a right-left issue, the trees swallow up the forest.

America needs to be rid of politicians like Pelosi.

The only thing separating a left radical from a right radical is the press' almighty spin.

With the Times' ombudsman blatantly lying and their "talent" plagiarizing, it's only a matter of time before they die on the vine. Radically left networks aren't far behind.

I'd love to see how far a Pelosi type would get without fascism in the media.

It's truly sad to watch Maher, Olbermann and the other zealots defend her and say the republicans "created" the scandal.

She shoulda borrowed the BarackOPrompter :)

Len said...

I say let's have an investigation (a very thorough and complete investigation) and whatever comes out comes out. Then let the prosecutions and the prison sentences begin.

Nancy Pelosi is being used as a distraction. Nothing more, nothing less. Let the trials begin!

Mr. New Dilemma said...

You know, as far as the Pelosi thing, I saw that coming a mile away and anticipated her response even.

I personally don't consider myself part of either party but I certainly understand about the selective comment posting.

Try not to be too hard on them though, they are just complying with the fairness doctrine.

Huh? What do you mean that doesn't apply to blogs? LOL

Mikes said...

keep blogging. don't allow others to stop you!

SpeakDog said...

Ahhh yes... now that one of their own washed up in the net of crimes committed by Boooosh, it's time to "look forward" and "move ahead".

Pelosi accused the CIA of misleading the Congress of the United States, and even went so far as to say they did it "all the time."

She's accused the CIA of a crime. Either produce some evidence or withdraw the charge.

The Left doesn't know what to do with her... she's becoming an embarrassment for them. That's why they want to forget all about this unpleasant incident.

Blogger Rise said...

I`m from Indonesia, hope your political situation give the most benefit to you and your people :)

Kelly B said...

I guess maybe I am more moderate than liberal, which is where I tend to identify. Either that or I just have a lot more common sense. I don't see why we have to be so divisive. I know the two sides don't agree on much, but we shouldn't be so hateful, seriously.

I feel the entire government needs an overhaul. I think Pelosi should be investigated. I think the trouble is not only is she a Dem., but she is a woman and the first woman Speaker, so people are backing down on investigating and potentially prosecuting.

I'm just so sick of the games and cover-ups. And all the nastiness being thrown from both sides.

Bush left such a bad taste in the mouths of both Dems and Repubs that now it's over, the mudslinging is still going on and it's getting really old.

Investigate what needs to be investigated and forget party lines. Our country is in need.


Doctor Faustroll said...

Nuke them all, the right and the left and the boring.

If Nancy knew, string her up on a lamppost between Gonzalez and McRumsfeld.

Bring on the bomb and let's party hearty.

Sandee said...

The government wants us to be divisive. It's how the operate the best. Us fighting keeps some of our attention away from what they are doing. Nancy knew full well what was going on. That's pretty apparent now. Time to move forward isn't a surprise to me.

Sorry your comments weren't posted.

Have a terrific day. :)

doctor Faustroll said...

The government doesn't have much to do with divisiveness. That's a family values issue. Americans are idiots who love violence and don't give a shit about truth, justice, or anything that doesn't involve porn or double coupons.

I've always thought that wiping out all the American families might leave the rest of us some breathing room to get back to what this continent was all about before being overrun by white people and other greedy assholes, but I lost interest in that train of thought a couple of decades ago.

I still think that several randomly detonated thermonuclear devices is the best way to cure divisiveness and family values. For fun, I suggest a few should be implanted in the rectums of people like Newt Gingrich, insignificant Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice, and a list of several hundred other scumbags I have in my Outlook To Do list.

That's why I am working on my post-Bukowski atomic bomb. Dad would be proud.

Harrison said...

Libs want diversity as long as they agree with it. Challenge one and watch out!

Hillbilly Willy said...

Right on

10-4 Willy

Thinkinfyou said...

WOW! I'm surprised... I thought they would've loved a good argument!