Friday, May 1, 2009

Make Room Everyone !

Ok friends, it has been a while, but despite the mind altering drugs that are in control of my thoughts at this time, I figured I had to get back on the horse again sometime
Many of you Entrecard people have seen me dropping in on you for a couple days now, and I have used the last few days to kind of catch up on the events in the blog world
When we last spoke, I was having problems with headaches that were due to an accident that I was in back in May of 2008, well my docs seem to think more drugs are the answer to my problems, so I sit before you now as a complex collection of people, some of whom I have not even met yet. I will do my best to follow my notes to convey what I would like to say to you today, and hope that you could bear with me. I would also like to thank God for the spell-check button, because without that, you would think my 4 year old was writing my post today

Souter is gone. I thought one of the justice's would leave in Obama's first year, and I had thought it would be Ginsburg, but either way, this just paves the way for a left leaning supreme court

And who cares about a left leaning court ? We got a Democratic house, so there is no chance that anything but left wing views will be put in place until at least 2011

I know I am late for this story, but I need to comment. Obama bowed to him. He Freakin Bowed to this piece of crap and the White House scrambled to cover it with an excuse.
This picture, and this action is the perfect testament to the new world order Obama and the Kool-Aid drinkers want

Specter switched sides
Is that what the Dems want everyone else to do ?
Hey Arlen ! Here's 10 bucks, take it and buy a sandwich and a cup of coffee and DON'T COME BACK !
Like he was going to get re-elected anyway, he should start looking for his retirement home in Florida now
And this DingDong, I mean WTF ?
In the first place, what the hell was he doing judging a beauty contest for in the first place for ?
What would he know about a woman that looks good ? I have no concern for PC here, so I can say it, but I thought he was more interested in pipes than tunnels, you know ?
Anyway, Thanks for putting up with my first mind altered post in a few weeks


Lauren said...

Good to see you back. Sorry your on so much meds. Try acupuncture. TOTALLY WORKS. BTW you made me LMAO.

Da Old Man said...

Good to see you back.

You did well. said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Great post. You haven't missed a beat.

Wishing you a full recovery,


Eat Well. Live Well.

bilarboy said...

nice blog.. visiting you as always... hope you can visit me too.. keep the spirit up as always..

Scott McQueen said...

Wow, in spite of the mind altering drugs, I find myself agreeing with your opinions. You sound more capable than Obama or any of the others you mentioned.

Take care and get well!