Monday, May 3, 2010

The Walkout Worth Watching

Even though this will not get the credit that it deserves, I think it was worth watching.

I cant even think why we let this idiot on a plane to come over here. Don't we have a no fly list or something ? I am sure his name has made it to the top.

I did look for something good to post about today, something positive, but I cant find anything besides this.

I can also report that the left wing media is still attached to Barry's leg. and from my blog hopping this morning, the left wing bloggers are still humping away at his leg too.

I really need to lash out and do a good long rant about what a bunch of idiots the left are, but I have come to find out something very important

They already know.

They really do. That's why they are on the defensive 24/7. That's why they attack everyone that throws the facts at them.

You notice that they never fight back with facts, the just attack back with personal attacks, or call them racists, or go after their family.

Never do the bring the facts to the table when they go after Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Riley. They just call names, and poke fun.

I have made a few posts here, and had the passing left wing loon stop in and bash me. I have the feature enabled here that allows all comments to be posted on my site to prove that I do not censor any ones views. when I was bashed, was I called on the facts I posted ?


Just called a racist, or just plain misinformed.

Well then left wing, inform me. Whats going on ? I am still waiting for proof that racist words were used when the health care bill was signed.

You didn't make that up did you ?

You know what would really would make me happy ? Just once, just one time, I wish someone would call out that damn Glenn Beck.

I wish one of you would take one of his chalkboards and disprove some of his theories.

Yeah, they are turning into the bad sports that are in a losing game of softball. They are ready to call it a night and run away, but are trash talking to the end, and are screaming cheat, but it's not going to work.

Admit it people, you were strong out of the gate, but we caught you.

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Sandee said...

They need to take the united nations building and all it's idiots and tow it out in the middle of the sea and leave it. Get it off of our soil. That would be a great start and then that idiot wouldn't have an excuse to come here with his racist hatred. He's in fact the poster boy for racist. The left probably doesn't get that either.

Have a terrific day. :)