Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go Back Home Felipe

Are you kidding me ?

Shut up, and get your ass back across the border and worry about your own Country.

Why in the world are we allowing this guy to come into our house and make any comment about any law we make ? What has happened to us ?

Is this what you left wing idiots enjoy ? And not just the Dems, all you stupid left wing, spread the wealth, let the Government control your life, Bow down to other Countries, Spend all of our children's and grand children's futures, left wing nutballs enjoy ?

A third rate leader from a Country that refuses to make life better for it's own people, that has laws in place for illegal immigrants that are worse than any law we have here in the states, to stand up in OUR HOUSE and belittle us ?

I am ashamed for our Country, and ashamed for anyone that can justify what this so called " Leader " said.

Allowing something like this to take place in OUR Government, and to stand and applaud his words is an outrage.

This gives new meaning to throw the bums out


Sandee said...

And throw them out we will. Just you wait and see.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

In the middle of America and lovin it....... said...

Am so with you......

The BoBo said...

This just absolutely pisses me off. Never in the history of this country has a President ever allowed a foreign leader to come to this country and talk down to us both on the steps of the White House and in Congress. Instead - we have the Obummer out there agreeing with this piece of shit. What the hell happened to this country? I don't recognize it any more.

Don E. Chute said...

Peeps, it ain't over till I sing. We the peeps of the USA, will not let us get f'ucked over!


God, Guns, and Gold...


The Real American said...

They're already acting as if The North American Union is a done deal, aren't they? The tragedy is that they very well may be right.... Far too many Americans still don't truly get it. Although The Republicans are keeping a low profile - while being the out party at the moment - they are on the very same team!

After all, David Rockefeller and the rest of his Internationalist Cronies are card carrying Republicans.... I have watched the last four presidents and their cabinets very closely over that time and noted certain obvious occurrences. Neither party is doing what it is supposedly running on. The agendas in both parties are fixed by the very same power brokers.

Just because they utilize heated and inflamatory rhetoric to seem different from the current in crowd, doesn't mean crap! Watch some campaign and news videos over the last 30 years.

Clinton was against Free Trade and NAFTA, but rammed it through after the election. Bush was against Bigger Government, but expanded it - while in office - faster than any other previous Democrat. Obama was against Governmental Secrecy and The Patriot Act, need I say more?

When will everyone get it, that the problem is far larger than imagined? We need to start looking at more important factors than party affiliations. For instance, do they have connections or ties to: Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council On Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller, The Freemasons, Elks, Moose, Shriners, KKK, The Catholic Church, Knights Of Columbus, etc....

The reason that Secret Societies exist isn't to enjoy beers with their friends. Hell, you can do that in public! All many of us are asking you guys to do is to stop and deeply consider what we are saying.

If there isn't a highly specific and treasonous agenda going on, then how do our politicians stand to gain by pissing off every American citizen year after year after year? One might think that they would consider it important to get re-elected at some point in the future... and yet, they are acting as if their agenda is so close that we'll no longer have a choice very very soon!

Why are they so confident of this, if we're all just a bunch of "Conspiracy Theorists?" Their own consistent actions are the only proof you really need. Politicians that are acting like Tyrants usually are! Get it?

Sandy said...

Labels are meaningless and pointless. We are far too big of a country, with far too many opinions and ideas for 2 little parties to fairly represent us.

What Arizona did is disgusting, and about as unconservative as you can get. And yet...they claim to be a R state. Do we have an immigration problem? YES, big time YES, but profiling people and acting like the country did in WWII time with camps of people who looked different is soooooooooooo many steps backward it's appalling.

Forget the Red and Blue, Forget the D and R, forget the C and L labels and think...pull together to actually solve a problem instead of name calling.