Monday, June 8, 2009

12 Freakin Years ? Anyone Mad Now ?

Why is this piece of crap still walking around ? Why do we allow him to intimidate the United States with his nuclear testing, and missile launches ?
When will we, as Americans, be outraged enough to demand action towards him ?

What if he took 2 American women, charge them with some bogus crimes, give them a so called trial, and then announce to the world that they will be spending the next 12 years in a " reform through labor " sentence ??

I wonder if the South Koreans did more to keep this from happening

Here ya go Superbama, here is your chance to show the world you have some balls.
I don't care who you are connected with, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or just standing on the sidelines afraid to say the wrong thing, this has got to be the last straw
This whiney, teary eyed, peace and love attitude has got to end.


Sandee said...

Just another nut in a long line of nuts around the globe. It is so in vogue anymore. Frightening too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lauren said...

He doesn't have the balls!

Bob said...

You gave Bush 8 years and he didn't do a damn thing to stop North Korea except call it an axis of evil. Obama has been in office 6 months, how about giving him at least half that time before you start criticizing him. Obama has the balls and will deal with North Korea and Iran.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Bob
Just wondering, my friend, if you were speeding towards a cliff would you hit the brakes, or sit back and give the vehicle a chance to stop on its own ?

Casey Brown-Myers said...

Kim Jong mentally Il has just threatened a nuclear first strike.

"Our nuclear deterrent will be a strong defensive means ... as well as a merciless offensive means to deal a just retaliatory strike to those who touch the country's dignity and sovereignty even a bit,"

Obama must now use our missile defense (Ground-based interceptors, Aegis BMD) against the next medium and long range missiles that are fired. We must assume that those test missiles could have a nuclear payload and to do otherwise would be a breach of his oath.

@Bob-Bush went farther than any president to stop N. Korea and the libs cried then too. If you want to place blame on a president that is no longer in office, blame Clinton. This is not the time for Obama's candy ass foreign policy against this communist terrorist.

Josh said...


America has LONG tried to battle down evil. However, every time we get into a fight, a movement happens in America.

Liberals from far and wide line up, hold up their peace signs, and effect change in the country without doing the same in the world.

Eventually, attitudes change and America is considered evil for stepping in and fighting. Meanwhile, evil continues to gain a head of steam.

What a beautiful luxury it must be to remain so wrapped up in a secure life in America that it's impossible to see the rest of the world for what it is: unknown and dangerous.

Unless it's blasted in front of you on TV constantly, most couldn't care less about the world's evil. But when America tries to do something, all the sudden lives have meaning and war is brutal.

Let Lennon do it all over again. I bet he'd turn around and shoot first.

All we are saying...

RE Ausetkmt said...

geeee.. so do you think that nuking north korea will change anything ? gtfoh. this is a different kinda problem and will most certainly require a different kind of strategy. maybe this will be that meeting, where we get to see who opens up a can of whoop ass.

time will tell,

askcherlock said...

I saw an interview with James Carville recently in which he said that North Korea is the buggest danger we have faced in 50n years. Hearing all the news today, I believe him.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Have people forgotten a little thing called the Korean war? We HAVE tried to fight these guys, only to lose over 30,000 of our troops, and have no end to it. There is no easy way to solve the North Korean situation, and to assume that any president can just "come up with something" is ridiculous.

Chinaren said...

Yeah, go on in why not. NK only has one of the largest standing armies in the world. (Yes, I know it's not so well equiped, but still.)

Plus, ponder this... If China thought Mexico was a threat and invaded, do you think the US would sit around and watch?

Bearing that in mind, do you think China will just stand by and let US troops rampage all over its doorstep, with its ally?

The US would be opening a can of serious worms if it decided to go in.

It can't even sort Afghanistan out for craps sake. Get real.

Aron Sora said...

We have so many of our citizens locked up aboard for bogus crimes. I think, there is really no hope for these people. Unless we could pull of a black-ops mission to get them, but we could never pull of an invasion on topple this guy.

nipsy said...

I agree something needs to be done with him. But how about we fix up our own backyard before we go digging under fences first? I'm getting tired of hearing about how we should go into this country or fix so and so country when we can't even get our own shit together. No wonder other countries are gearing up their forces, our attention is so divided we wouldn't see it coming until it walked up and biffed us in the back of the head.

Damn I love this blog...

Bob said...

Bush started a war in Iraq based on lies that they had WMD's. Now our troop strength is at a minimum fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do all you Republican's suggest? Do we pull all our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and send them into N. Korea? or maybe you think we should just drop some nuclear bombs on them before they make a move to bomb another country. Why are you so afraid of N. Korea? If they ever tried to send a missle to the USA, that would be their last mistake because I'm sure Obama would obliterate N. Korea with a Nuclear response. Lot 2 Learn really does have a lot to learn.