Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch Those Guys


That is what it has come to.

The left desperately wants the right to show signs of violence, and wants the Tea Party to somehow rise up and start to engage in destruction and revolution, but no, they have not even turned over a trash can

We have seen left wing, Democratic supporters attack people, destroy property, and even cause physical damage to the point to where people were hospitalized.

Few were criminally charged and then ushered out the back, some were not even held accountable.

But the spotlight still shines on the " explosive " right wing and what they are about to do.

Let me say, your damn right !

I watched today as real people gathered today in Wisconsin to back Governor Walker, and to say enough is enough. To say that when they voted for the Republicans, they voted for fiscal responsibility, and looks like Walker and the other Republicans will stay strong.

Unions may provide some help to workers, but when they take advantage and abuse power they should be dismantled.

Do I stand with the workers ? No, when we are exposed financially as we are right now, everyone needs to make a sacrifice.

You can't carry a sign to Tax The Rich when you yourself are unwilling to offer a contribution yourself.

Many of these problems could be sorted out if it were not for the uninformed notions from the likes of Bill Maher, and Mike Tate, and Lena Taylor, and many of the left leaning media outlets and bloggers, but they have become blinded by a socialist agenda and some kind of redistribution theory. The funny thing about their ideas are they refuse to practice what they want everyone to follow, for example, under redistribution, I am sure Maher would not have to go far from his fancy home to find someone with less than himself so that he could even things out, and I am sure some of those lefty bloggers could make room down in the basement and share some Cheetos's with someone less fortunate than themselves.

Maybe what they could do is allow a few illegals to stay at their homes for a few weeks while they worked under the table to get some cash to send back and get more family to bring here, and then, well, you know how giving and caring and generous the left wing people are.

But anyway, Go Walker !

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Sandee said...

Go Walker! He's doing what needs to be done across the nation. It needs doing in California, but I doubt it will ever happen.

And about hate? The left are experts at hate. Remember with Bush was president. That was the left in complete hate mode.

Have a terrific day. :)