Monday, January 3, 2011

Is It Time To Wake Up Yet ?

Happy New Year !

I guess it is about time to rub the crusties out of our eyes and grab a big cup of coffee and get ourselves ready for the next few months worth of finger pointing and name calling.

It is now time to watch as John Boehner slides the well worn chair of Nancy Pelosi aside and attempt to make good on those promises that he and the Republicans laid out to us just a short time ago.

In one way or another, they plan to choke the life from Obamacare, they plan to revive our private sector by reducing the size of Government, and they plan on changing their own rules to make it harder to spend tax dollars.

From my side of aisle, I think some of that hope and change we heard about just may make it up to D.C., but I still remain cautious of an early smile until I see some kind of positive result.

Darrell Issa said Sunday that the Obama administration was one of the most corrupt

This piece is a little long, but very interesting.

It seems that there will be no shortage of work for lawyers or accountants at the White House.
I wonder how the liberal media will spin this ?


Sandee said...

Let's hope they do what they have promised to do. We have not been happy with Washington for a very long time. Let's see what they do.

Have a terrific day. :)

LaurAyn said...

Just popping in so you know I am still reading your blog. :)

Denford Magora said...

I was about to watch the video, until I saw that it is from Fox News. Len at First Door on The Left (also on Entrecard), said sometime back that the animosity towards Obama was entirely due to race and from racists.

I remember I posted on his blog sayind I did not think this was the case at all because I had a hard time believing that Americans would elect a black president by such a margin and still be racist.

Of late, having listened to the objections that people have towards Obama and seeing comments on blogs calling him a half-breed, I am beginning to have second thoughts.

Denford Magora said...

By the way, if I was American and could vote in 2008, I would have voted for Hilary and not Obama.

The Real American said...

The only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is what they say in order to get elected. Other than that, they merely take turns in destroying our nation through the alternate passage of extremist and commonly agreed upon legislation - which is already decided behind effectively closed doors. That's why bad legislation is never repealed by the opposing party which comes back into power - regardless of who effectually imposes it.

The Tea Party could make a difference, if they would run outsider candidates for office... but, they are still hung up upon electing Republicans.