Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Has The PC Got Us ?

Where will all this wonderful political correctness get us ? Is it a valuable commodity in our society, or a tool used to manipulate people into thoughts or actions that they otherwise would not have come to on their own ? Is Political Correctness used to manipulate freedom of speech, meaning that a persons views or thoughts could be stifled for fear of being labeled incorrect by today's left wing standards ? I wonder just who it is that sets the guidelines for these PC rules, and who decides where the lines in the sands get drawn when it comes to all this correctness, and I have to think that eventually the lines will eventually be drawn right into my living room, and right next to the chair that I sit at typing this post, and soon, come between my keyboard and myself because I have offended someone or some group of people because I do not share their same views. I will let you folks in on something, according to the polls I read, and from what I see the people posting over at the left wing blogs, I am only in a 49% to 51% group of people that share the same views, so I am sure I offend someone at least 48% of the time. So what does all this mean, and with everything going on, why cry about PC stuff today ? Well, the American people have said NO to a lot of things in the last 3 years, we have expressed our fears and concerns to the Government and the White House. We went to the polls and did our best to send some fresh blood to D.C. hoping it would help turn things around, but it didn't seem to help. To speak out will either fall on deaf ears, or get you labeled racist, loony, or just stupid. I am sure you know how the Birth certificate thing went
We know what the problems are here in the United States, but there are some folks that would rather ignore it, and use Political Correctness to end all discussion about what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it.

I need to look up from my screen to see how close the "line " is to me now, and it may be a good idea for you to take a look and see how close the PC line is to you.


Sandee said...

I so agree. I so agree. Sigh. :(

Denford said...

Political Correctness......question, then: If criticism of Obama is seen as racist, what then is criticism of Israel? Is it anti-semitic or anti-jewish to express opinions that say Israel is oppressing the Palestinians?

Is it racist to express the view that the Muslim religion is a violent religion and that it is uncivilised?

If, as a conservative, I express the view that Barack Obama is a socilaist left-wing pig (my opinion, nobody else's), and my fellow cons applaud, why should they not applaud when I express another view that Israel is a racist state that is oppressing Palestinian people and killing innocent children?

Why should they also not applaud when I say that Hamas is a terrorist organisation that bombs innocent people in Israel but that Israel is wrong to harden Palestinian national's attitude with balnket targeting of civilians in Palestine?

Bottom line is that we are social animals, and we prefer for our fellow man to accept us as normal. Hence, whatever views we hold, we should never be ashamed of holding them, but seek to make other members of our society accept them or see their truth, so that we feel we still belong to that society.

When we resort to insults, gratuitous non-productive, provocative put-downs, we are no longer seeking to convince, but simply acknowledging the ridiculousness of our positions.

Your thoughts?

Greg said...

We pay a price for free speech:getting offended.