Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Right Wing Day

First off, I spent my time with an egg sandwich and this...

Come on now Kieth, pull it together.
You know that is a line of crap.
Didn't you think anyone would look up your story after you told it in front of millions of people ?
Sit down and blow your nose.

Sheila Jackson Lee, now this was one of the best.
She claimed the Constitution was hurting, the living and breathing document was in pain.
Well I guess so after everything that was done to it after the health care ordeal
She mentioned something about the Klan, maybe because a white man had crossed the politically correct line and started a discussion about Radical Islam, well she is a Democrat, why can't she tell us what the Klan is up to these days ?
She wants to question those that oppose the Jewish faith ? Duh !
Did she read the sign on the way in ?
And what was that about Muslims that are hovering and scared ? Maybe the ones in the back of a truck coming across the border into Arizona. Just because they are taught from birth to kill anyone that does not believe what they believe gives me no reason to look at them any differently than anyone else, they are normal folks, right ?
S.J.Lee went off at the end of this and called out the Muslims on the panel, and the ones testifying and said it was a waste of time because everyone was doing what needed to be done.
I ask again, did she have any idea what the hearing was about ?
It was about the Radicalization of Muslim communities and their involvement.
The hearing was to point out where problems were in the Muslim community and get control of them now before it is too late.
Yes, there is a problem in the Muslim community, and there are Radical Muslims looking to destroy and kill American People.
They are actively recruiting people from all walks of life, and all religions, and it is a Global problem

When are Americans going to get some common sense and take a real look at what is going on ?
How much longer are we going to allow idiots like Lee and the rest of her Liberal friends run us into the ground ?
How much longer can we hold out until a real change is made ?
Thank God for people like Peter King, and Governor Walker in Wisconsin.
At least these guys have the stones to stand up for what is right


Sandee said...

Yep, if you are paying attention you already know that the terrorists are living among us. They will turn America into the cesspool that the middle east is. It's what they do. Many in power are just to politically correct. Hopefully they will be the first to be eliminated. The edge of the head folks.

Have a terrific day. :)

Steve Ballmer said...

Nice blogging my friend!

Don E. Chute said...


Hopefully all those with their heads in the sand, will keep them there, so we(US) the Enlightened One's (otherwise known as bigoted and hate mongers) will run their asses over and restore our Country back to the Constitution....

Which is currently on a ObamaCare Death Panel...

Peace Lot2
Have a great weekender.

Steve Parry said...

I found an interesting little back story on Ellison's outburst. You can check it out here.