Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Brought You To This Place ?

I crossed over to the left tonight, left wing blogs that is, and stopped at a site I have been leaving some comments on.
It started because he had some cartoons of Mitch McConnell riding a military style elephant, sword in hand, and it was referencing the fact that the Republicans are taking a stand about the tax cuts.
We had some back and forth, I threw some facts and numbers at him, he attacked me and made out that I was an idiot, and I said that maybe I was a little more than he could handle, and then tipped my hat and left it at that.
Tonight, I stopped in, and saw there were comments to my defense, but I left it alone, but checked the newer post.
The post was complaining about the Republicans holding up the tax cuts, but what got me was in the comments section.
The first commenter had called people that were not following along with this " Progressive Agenda " , he was calling them ' Pigheaded ". He also talked how the new congress would find it difficult to " Radically Upset the System "
While I was reading these things, I was feeling like I had snuck into a private meeting and was reading things not meant for me to see, like a secret spy, but then it became real to me.
I see these things on the news, and I know these people exist, and I have been in forums and have had some great debate with some left wing people over issues, but for some reason when I read these words tonight, it just slapped me in the face.
I did leave a comment myself, at first, I wanted to say something just to let them know I was there, and let them know I read those words, and knew their evil plans.
But it is everywhere, it is all around us, it is slowly consuming every part of our lives, so I asked simply.........
" What brought you to this place ?
After everything every American has endured and suffered through to get to where we are today, to even allow you and I the freedom to debate who may be right or wrong, why would you allow the same threat into our Government, and our lives that our Fathers and Grandfathers fought to destroy years ago ? "
Why do they do it ?
What makes them decide that the American way of life, the same kind life that people cross oceans for, and climb fences for, and risk death for, the same way of life that affords them safety, and protection to speak, what makes it so bad that they would want to destroy it, and bring about a " Progressive Agenda "
What brought them to this place ?

" If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to "


Sandee said...

I wish I could answer that question. I've often wondered the same thing. Why? I don't know. It scare me and it scares me a lot.

Have a terrific day. :)

Shinade said...

I can answer it. I think I commented on that post you are talking about.

I don't know about everyone else. I only know about me.

I was duped and plain stupid. I bought the whole package, lock,stock and barrel.

But, no more. Thank God I finally see the truth. I just wish I had seen much earlier.

Have a great day!

Jeremy Janson said...

It really all boils down to idolatry.

Hayek in "The Road to Serfdom" covered a lot of their motivations. One of the biggest, and scariest, is the psychological need of a certain percentage of the population to be a servant to something, to be smaller then something, to be a cog in a machine.

In the Old Testament, Gods answer to this was the Levites, men who sacrificed their whole lives to a total devotion to Him, and lived not one moment for any individual idea or pursuit besides (ironically) marriage and the procreation of more Levites.

In addition to those born as the children of Levites, orphans would sometimes be deposited at the Levites door (as in the famous case of Samuel) or people, later in life, would dedicate themselves to the church, leading in the Second Temple era to a legal problem that Christ would later comment on involving removing oneself from responsibility towards parents.

In Modern times with the decline of the church, however, these people do not find their proper place, and even if they do, are only partially filled by it. A few go in to the military, but not all of them are military grade. Thus we are left with what are otherwise very useful people to have around turning their energies in a destructive direction. In other words, Idolatry.

@Shinade: I think a lot of people are seeing the truth now. The fact that you do see it means that you probably were never really a true liberal to begin with. A true liberal wouldn't care that it didn't work, any more then a member of the cult of Moloch would care that babies were turned in to ashes.

lot 2 learn said...

What we all need to remember is that we are all in the middle of a dark time, and we all have to keep Friends, Family, and God very close.

Steve Parry said...

The simple answer is the difference between right and wrong. When you have the power of truth and fact on your side, it is a powerful tool to win the debate and see your ideas take shape in the Country by winning the hearts and minds of the people.

When everything that you have believed for your entire life is finally implemented and you see unemployment skyrocket while personal wealth drops, it is easier to say that you haven't had enough time than to admit that you were wrong.

Progressives are in the unenviable positions of knowing that the results of their policy have sealed their fate in the debate. Many of them are now far more willing to pick up the sword than to lay down their ideology.