Friday, December 10, 2010

Remain Calm...All Is Well hahahahahaha

Boy howdy that pic has made a fortune.
Look at Camilla, do you think that is a staged look of fear, or is that the real thing ?
It seems that after years of extremely high taxes and nearly free education, the Government over there has decided that the Utopian society of big government tax the hell out of everybody and give them all kind of entitlements does not work, so they are going to triple the cost of tuition.
It also seems that the Democrats over there are breaking their promises, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg signed a pre-election pledge to oppose any type of tuition hike.
Just wonder if anyone sees a mirror image yet ?

Yes, he did promise to end the tax " cuts " for the rich, and accuse the Republicans of trying to remove the tax breaks for the middle class
Two years of this administration, and we get down to just days before the Christmas break to have this debate ? And with a bunch of Lame Duck's leading the way.

But let's get back to my original point, the mean, unruly protesters upset about having to pay for college.
When people find out that all the hope and change is not coming, and the super far left has had enough of the ultra slow process that the current administration has taken in getting things done, so sad : (

And whoever is really running things throws a fit because Fox news is still on the air, and Glenn Beck is still exposing them to the light of day, and we still say Merry Christmas, and go to Church, and praise God, and support our troops, and help each other, and stand strong,

Then what happens......?

Remember this old guy ?

He had a show on not long ago that I thought was slightly built up, but I checked into it.

I did find that they do exist, and I found that there are 3 within 50 miles of D.C, and 2 more just outside of Baltimore.
This is clip 1 of 6 if you have the time to watch. It starts with the LIST
I am sure we have all heard of the list the Government keeps of people that may cause problems.
There use to be a time we were afraid of getting an audit from the IRS, now we have to be afraid of Homeland Security.

Someone tell me where we live again ?

Merry Christmas


Sandee said...

That video was plain scary. Nothing the government does surprises me though. It' all about power. The are the elite. They are all that count in the scheme of things.

Have a terrific day and Merry Christmas to you too. :)

The Painted Veil said...

My satellite is running slow and I can't watch the clip. But, I am aware of the things you are addressing.

I don't have any answers and I don't think things will ever get better but I keep hoping!!

The pendulum always swings and it's time again. I fr one, don't even listen to O'bama anymore. I already did enough of that over 2 years ago.

I refuse to give up hope on America!! We will overcome this eventually. But, I think it's a long time coming!!

Merry Christmas and God Bless to you too!

askcherlock said...

Regarding the "coffins" Jesse saw, could they possibly be meant for a pandemic should it hit, or for a nuclear attack if that were to happen? Fusion centers? I don't have a problem with that---yet. Read the news ans consider all the bombings by inside and out side terrorists which have been thwarted. We pay a price for our freedoms. This is a dangerous world, unlike it has been before. Jesse is all about sensationalism. His thoughts seem to make sense until you follow his threads in an interview and they just wander off~~~~I am not convinced by his fear tactics.

Greg said...

I've watched several of Jessie's programs and he does bring up some interesting points, some of them are hard to argue with.

If this were true, we're all in trouble..

have a great day!