Monday, December 7, 2009

Dirty Harry

The Loony Left keeps getting backed into a corner, and instead of realizing their mistakes, they continue to dribble lies from their mouths, and sound even more stupid.
Have a listen to Harry Reid

Now wait a minute. Did he say the Republicans act as if health care is not a problem ?
Well, for those that are covered, there was not a problem until D.C. claimed there was one.
You people want to allow coverage across state lines, and do something about tort reform, then do it, and then get the hell out of my wallet.
If these idiots think that the the real Americans, the blue collar, brown pants, white jacket, lime green vest wearing group of folks that actually make up these United States are going to allow Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi to beat us down and tell us how to live, then you people on the left that have mistakenly stumbled onto my site really need to wake up.
Take another look at these grassroots organizations, the Tea party movements, the 912 project, the Patriotic Resistance, the Modern Minutemen, and Citizens against Tyranny.
All of these are peaceful, passionate, patriotic groups of men and women concerned for their countries future.
The very nerve of Harry Reid to associate people against the Democratic health care plan to those against freeing slaves, and not allowing women to vote.
You look a little cold Harry, put on a jacket

Just one more question before I go Harry, this heath care plan you people are putting together for the American people, will you and your family be enrolled in the Government option ?


LaurAyn said...

LOL on the last picture.

The Hawg! said...

Heh. Put on a jacket. Love it!

By the way, our esteemed members of Congress will -- of course -- not have to bother with the same plan they want to provide to us peasants. They're elite. They're special. They deserve something great.

Meanwhile, I've got downright fantastic health benefits -- I don't pay a dime for it (my employer does) and I have absolutely no co-pay or any of that rot. How did I get such a good deal? I worked like hell in school, got a couple of degrees and wound up with a job that pays well and provides solid benefits.

Guess I can kiss that great healthcare plan goodbye if Congress gets its way. I figure Congress will enjoy a plan similar to the one I have while the rest of us will have to cope with Obamacare.

Fair, huh?

Forgotten Liberty said...

Does Harry Reid know that it was the Democratic party that opposed ending slavery and the civil rights movement? Does this mean he is accusing Republicans of acting like Democrats?

Sandee said...

What Forgotten Liberty said. This is very, very true and can be easily checked out. Do the democrats not even know their own history? I guess not.

Harry is one of the biggest idiots out there. God help us.

Have a terrific day. :)