Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Senate Starts The Vote

Back room deals, and closed door meetings are the only thing we know about this bill.
This thing is being crammed right down our throats by the most left wing, self serving government that has ever been in existence.
The people do not want this, they do not want this bill, and they do not want a government that conducts business like this.
Why cant the time and energy that is being put on bankrupting the country be spent on our economy and cleaning up the way these people just burn through our money ?
Why cant they just stop and instead of debating on what bills need to be read, and who gets to speak for another 2 minutes, why not take a week or two and read the constitution ?
Why not go over the oath of office that they took and remember what their responsibilities are ?
A message to any Liberal or left wing bloggers that may stop in, do not be surprised in 2010 when all of these people get swept out of D.C. and don't be surprised when Obama leaves in 2012 wearing Jimmy Carter's crown
This 4 years will be nothing more than a disgrace
Merry Christmas


Sandee said...

Well, I think that is their intent...to bankrupt this country. They don't like capitalism so apparently they prefer a third world county. For us that is. They will be the elite as they are now and rule over us forever. I think that's what they truly want. Craziness for sure.

The Hawg! said...

What bothers me no end is the way this is all being done. Votes are being bought, arms are being twisted and we're very close to getting a piece of legislation that the majority is against.

It's bad enough that we have to worry about lobbyists -- it seems we also have to worry about our own government blowing millions to buy votes. That's pitiful.

If there's any humor at all to be found in this situation, it's this -- remember how Democrats were howling about Bush and his followers bullying people to push through the Republican agenda? Apparently, such tactics are just fine when a Democrat is in charge.

Steve said...

The only question is will Obama be able to hold one state like Carter did?

It's Time to Live said...

If it is really that important, should we not take the time to get it right. If it is really that good of an idea, why can't we talk openly about it?