Friday, December 4, 2009

Had To Share These

The best Christmas present Jimmy could ever get
Voter remorse ?

A great shot of Al Gore on his way to spew his global warming lies at another college campus

Looks like a gotcha moment

The best one of all.
These are real police mug shots.
Can anyone tell me what they all have in common ?


Clara said...

Love the pictures! Especially Carter and Gore. And all those lovely Obama shirts.

LaurAyn said...

I live in the lions den. No photos need be presented to me. sigh

lot 2 learn said...

@ Clara
Thanks : )

@ LaurAyn
Sorry dear, but there is always room out here in the country for you

Josh said...

Gotta love the Obamabot mugshot compilation.

I love the separation of standards in the mainstream, too.

One idiot yells at some woman in a wheelchair: Worst crime in history! The entire right-wing is the lunatic fringe and one step away from being a group of America-destroying terrorists. Stop them at all costs!

Loonies from leftist land bite the fingers off people, jump them while beating and kicking and throwing out racial slurs, pushing dumpsters into cars and throwing rocks through windows, abusing people on the streets for just being there: Social justice.