Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get In, Get Out. Do What ????

What did we hear tonight ?
The security of the nation is important.
OK, sounded good.
I am sending 30,000 troops.
Well, that's less than your own guy wanted
We are bringing them home in 18 months
Huh ?
Wait a minute, Obama parades up to West Point to make his grand announcement to reveal the efforts of 3 months of thought.
Has the world tune in to hear how he is going to take the reigns and show the world his greatness
Instead, in front of some of the best military minds, on some of the most prestigious military ground, Obama tucked his tail and once again gave the rest of the world another reason to laugh at us

3 months thinking about this and this is what Obama brings us
This act of weakness, this act of defiance towards his military on the ground that are actually doing the fighting are threats to our national security
If this is the best Obama can offer the people that stand between our country and the terrorists that threaten it, maybe then the best thing would be to bring them home

If our own President will not commit to win the war, then why should we continue to fight half way for 18 months ?


Paul Baines said...

Honestly I never saw the point of fighting there, asides the losses, costs both economically and lives lost, the fact that the Bushes are personal friends with the Bin Laden family, and that Afghanistan has always been nothing more than a collection of tribal states who have been at war since year dot, if there is such thing as Al-Qaeda (which again would only be an extension of the Mujahadeen originally funded and armed by the USA to fight Soviet Russia), the truth is any terrorist cells are most likely operating in the unregulated borders of Pakistan. Don't even get me talking about Iraq lol.

Sandee said...

He should go back to hanging those pink curtains. That all he's good for. Weak is an understatement.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jude said...

I was totally astounded and like I commented on another blog sat and scratched my head through his speech. If this is a strong president then I'll just watch the ducks being picked off one by one in a kiddie pond.....very sad.