Monday, November 30, 2009

The Blame Game

No doubt the left wing media is in party mode right now.
Many of the left wing blogs that I have been to today have jumped on the Mike Huckabee story.
They are all ready to lay the blame on Mike's doorstep for the actions of an ex-con that has now turned cop killer.
I watched a video on a site that will remain nameless here that included bits and pieces of a radio interview that tried to cast the former Governor as blaming everyone but himself for reducing the sentence of Maurice Clemmons.
I went back and searched for the interview and found that Blitzer had done a little doctoring to Huckabee's words.
For me, I would rather see someone explain something, at least then I can tell if they look away, or fidget, or even read from a paper or even a prompter.
I checked and sure enough, big bad Bill O'Riley had him on tonight.
I was expecting a "softball " kind of question and answer session, out of respect to the former Governor, but Bill was on the ball

Now a couple of questions of my own.
If the left leaning media and the bloggers want to throw some mud at Huckabee, why not throw some at the 2 judges that let the guy out on $15,000 dollars bail ?
They could use a little, don't you think ?
What about the parole board that voted 5-0 , and the judge that recommended to Huckabee that the sentence be commuted ?
These are the people that would have known this cop killer best.
Without a doubt, it was Huckabee's decision to make, and one that he will have to live with.
The left lies about global warming, Obama's socialistic dreams, Tiger Woods wife slapping him around, and now they are going to try and smear Mike Huckabee

Where's my egg nog ?


Sandee said...

Hey they have to do something to overshadow their hero turned warlord. Their hero that has us in so much debt that our grandkids, grandkids will still be paying. Their hero that hasn't done a thing since he's been in office except for talk, and talk, and talk. They have to have something.

This kind of thing happens all the time. It's a shame too. Let them talk and go on. I've never seen a bunch of cry babies that can top the left. I feel better now.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee said...

Their hero that bows to everybody around the world and apologizes every 10 seconds. I forgot that part. :)

Tracy said...

Thanks for posting this video clip

The Tampa Pirate said...

Great article. I get tired of the lefts insanity. We are going bankrupt and there is still no end in sight.