Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playing Games

Looking at blogs tonight, I read a few that mentioned Iran's large scale war games.
It is deer season where I live, and I am busy stocking the freezer, so I am not so much into the news channel on the weekend.
Don't get me wrong, I still care what is happening in our country, and I do keep informed, but if I do not take a break from the madness that is erupting out of our nations capitol, I think I will pull my hair out.
Anyway, On a particular site, I read about the games, and my blog hopping stopped and I went to my news sources on the net.
From what I gather, this 5 day drill is being run by Gen. Ahmad Mighani, who is the head of the air force unit that responds to threats in Iran's air space
Practice protecting their airspace from intruders, yeah that sounds reasonable
I wonder if it has anything to do with the S-300 Anti-Aircraft missiles they are waiting for that are coming from Russia ?
You know, the ones that were delayed because of what Iran claims, were not delivered because the United States and Israel pressured Russia not to send ?
How much longer are we going to deal with this nut job ? and for that matter, how much longer are we going to play " cops " over there in the middle east ?
We need to approach this problem like a band-aid, rip it off fast in one swipe.
That is what should have happened over there, level the place, wipe it out, burn it down, and then till it under, start all over again.
Yeah, yeah, I know, innocent women and children, civilians, and all that.
Look, they are getting killed every day, and they make no effort to get away, or try to end the problems, some aid the Taliban. If they are sacrificing now, just throw all the cards on the table and be done with it

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Sandee said...

No has enough balls to do this. No one. Just my two cents. We should never have been in Iraq. Afghanistan should have been a parking lot after 911. :(