Monday, November 9, 2009

Connections ?

Do we really think that the Army, or the Government will tell us that this guy slipped though the cracks because of political correctness ?

Now wait a minute
We now know that this guy was in touch with his old religious leader, a terrorist recruiter for Bin-Laden and was asking how to further Jihad ?
And to make things even better, this guy praises Hasan for what he did, and calls for all " Good Muslims to attack the U.S. " ?

OK now, does anything else need to be said ?

What about the two idiots that left the Christianity comment on my site a couple post's back ?What do you think now ?
I am familiar with the mosque Husan attended because it was in the news many nights after it got out that some of the terrorists that were involved in the 9/11 attacks were members there.
It recently was in a battle with the county and citizens over land use.
It is a gated, private area that has it's secrets, just like the rest of these so called " religious " places.
Kinda strange.
Walk up to my Baptist Church and you will have a few guys shake your hand off, and then open the door for you and help you find a seat. Everything to welcome you in
We have nothing to hide

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