Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grilled ?

Talk about a Bar-B-Q

Holder has no excuse.
This Government, Obama, the left wing, the ACLU, none of those idiots in the beltway can come up with ant reason with giving these terrorists their day in federal court.
Lindsey Graham deserves a pat on the back for that slap he gave Holder today
He was not the only one either, Senator Sessions gave Holder a little kick in the ass as well

This is a joke, and another reason that we will have when this bad dream is over to say that Obama was the worst President, and biggest mistake in history


Josh said...

My theory on this is that the administration wants to use this to put the country's mind at ease, especially after Fort Hood.

By spending INSANE amounts of money for a show trial (the same type of political theater Obama doesn't want, but then does, but then doesn't, but then does), they hope that everyone remains safe.

Liberals finally want to show they have big brass balls here and that there's nothing to fear.

It's not their fault. They're, by and large, wrong by nature. Americans don't fear the caught terrorists. We fear, if anything, the ones allowed to run around because you cannot be anti-terror, lest progressives project on you their proclivity for condescension and suddenly we're really bashing Muslims instead of Muslim terrorists.

Plenty of other reasons for this circus, including a chance to rip Bush a new one, a distraction from healthcare and other blunders, and an insistance that we make the rest of the world happy by showing that America is that good ol' pillar of moral superiority -- without thinking we're better than anyone else, of course.

But I think the primary reason for this is to prove a point that nothing bad will happen with terrorists on our soil. This way, GITMO detainees are put in my living room and MSNBC has 3 years worth of "Obama saves us all" coverage to run.

That's if no one--except the terrorists--gets killed.

Sandee said...

I'm still cringing over this decision. Graham did a great job getting his point across.

Have a terrific day. :)

Me-Me King said...

Talk about a spanking!

LaurAyn said...

You'll see my theory on this tomorrow.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
My sidearm, and extra clips keep my mind at ease these days.
All kidding aside, Obama and his staff have pretty much lost any chance of showing signs of testosterone to me and many of the folks where I come from. We pretty much think Michelle wears the boxers

@ Sandee
Graham did a great job, I am glad there are a few of those guys left

@ Me-Me King
A hard one : )

@ LaurAyn
I will stop in to see