Saturday, November 7, 2009

The House Did It

I watched the house pass the health care bill tonight with just 1 republican voting yea.
I wonder who that was ?
With all the outrage, all the protest's, all the people standing in D.C. and around the Nation telling them NO ! why would they think this is what we want ?
Granted, it still has a long way to go, but our voices are not being heard


Buggys said...

Indeed we are not being heard. How many voters will remember this and take appropriate action at the polls?

Jeremy Janson said...

Ahn Cao, Louisianas 1st district (Inner City New Orleans.) He's primarily a local politician representing, as a Republican, a congressional district more liberal then Baghdad Jim's Seattle, Washington. In short, these national pressures won't have much effect on him and, because he's Vietnamesse American, his viewpoint on life would be very collectivist, hence his sympathies for Obamacare. To his credit, though, he did vote with the GOP on Cap-and-Trade and the Stimulus. In short, a pro-business collectivist in a district that only elected a Republican because 1) he was moderate and 2) the Democrat got arrested for corruption with 85 grand in the freezer.