Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glenn Made a Great Point

You have to watch the piece Glenn Beck had about John Murtha today

That was incredible.
And you can bet it is one of the ways they will try to run health care down our throats.
I think its time we go to D.C. and hand out some pink slips, get rid of them if they will not do their job.
They do work for us, and they must do as we say, they are there to represent the people, and a majority of the people do not want this bill.
Let me repeat that we do not want THIS bill
There has to be a better way that does not involve bigger government, and bankrupting our country


Sandee said...

Good God help us all. We need a real house cleaning in Washington. :(

Me-Me King said...

As I watched this, all I could think to say is, "AMEN!".