Monday, April 6, 2009

Punishment ?

Obama is calling for some type of punishment for the missile launch n North Korea this weekend, but as many expected, Russia and China are just waving the incident off

Because of our economic problems, and the lack of a strong hand by our Commander in Chief, the United States appears to be weak, and other countries will use it to their advantage

Did the missile head our way ? Was it even aimed at us ?

Well, yes and no, because it was clearly not some type of " attack ", but it was a worldwide demonstration of what North Korea has to offer

Obama can call for punishment all he wants, but as long as a rock star is leading this nation, we will not be taken seriously in the world.

This is the first of many tests that Obama will face, and they will become more frequent and eventually more deadly, so you have to wonder

Can Obama protect this country ?


The Listener said...

No, I feel like Obama can not protect our country. Why, because I feel like our leader should be just that...our leader, not some hip-hop wannta be prez. Why is our president going on a late night talk show(if you want to call it that)? He can appeal to the UN all he wants to , it's not going to help, they are just a bunch of sniveling cry babies that can't vote on anything except to make sure we all pay the fees that go along with being a member. So, nope, no way can Obama protect us and I feel like one day will come and his true colors will show. His true colors.. well, he's an actor, he gives you what you want to see....

Da Old Man said...

Do I feel safe with him as President?

No. This last thing only makes it more evident that he is clueless.

The Hawg! said...

It'll all be fine. Herr Obama will simply sit down with the North Koreans and engage them in a mutually-beneficial dialog.

Such a tactic works well with insane, power-mad leaders, doesn't it?

Well, we may be in trouble...

Mickey said...

The answer is no, and I don't think it is high on his agenda either. If America looks weaker in the world's eyes, he won't care as long as he can continue to remake our nation into the image he envisions. This is why he was so liked throughout Europe because they are birds of a feather.

Josh said...

Per Obama's liberal mindset, we're really not appearing "weak" to anyone; we're simply a country that's finally willing to admit we're a mess and wants the world's forgiveness so we can seek financial help. The liberal believes that the big meany Jihadists -- oops, misunderstood Muslims -- will leave us alone if we're weak. Yeah. Tell that the other weak countries they torture with their terror.

Here's where Obama and those who share his ideology lose me:

It's the world's bigget hate crime if a minority-slash-'liberal victim' in this country is discriminated against. They stand up for the little man! Yet, Israel is facing possible extinction if nutso goes nuclear, little Afgan girls are beaten to a pulp, and the "little guy" is constantly being blown to bits by radical Islam Jihadists.

Liberals, unless they're 100% full of shit, should be the ones willing to fight against this stuff! Instead, Obama uses the opportunity to apologize for America owning slaves and getting over on the Natives! FFS!!

They might love you, Obama, but they'll never respect you. More importantly, they'll never respect us.

I feel safe like the fat turkey of the farm on Thanksgiving.

Harrison said...

Not much to be done with N. Korea. No U.S. president has had much luck dealing with them. To be fair to Obama, there's nothing he, or anybody else, can really can do.

Apollo said...

Obama seems to have created an illusion which he follows and the more the positive media coverage praises his failures as a success the deeper he enters his own illusions.

He mirrors that fire fighter who will set a house on fire on purpose in order to arrive at the scene first and be hailed as a hero for saving the little kitty from the fire.

I think it is not only lame and pathetic but outright dangerous.

Sandy22 said...

No, I believe he is just a puppet. I don't believe he could protect anyone. Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, I feel, are running the show. I am concerned for our country. It's time for a tea party!


The Exaggerator said...

And talk about just how far off base the North Koreans are in their thinking on the whole issue:

North Korean television was showing what it claimed were "spontaneous mass celebrations" in Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang for the "satellite launch."

However, I, for one, still have my doubts about North Korea's claimed "satellite launch" absent independent confirmation to that effect (such as radio signals transmitted therefrom).

Mike said...

Obama can not and will not protect America - he is selling us out and he bought the election.

YogaforCynics said...

"as long as a rock star is leading this nation, we will not be taken seriously in the world." you honestly believe that Obama isn't taken more seriously by Bush?