Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Smart To Believe

I am sure everyone has seen the O'riley interview on Letterman the other night, and everyone has an opinion of which one got the better jabs in.

I did watch the interview, and I saw Bill's take on it last night on the factor show, and there was something Letterman said that stuck with me, and I think applies to Bill O'Riley, and Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, and all the other folks over at Fox news

I will even go so far as to say it trickles down and applies to us bloggers out here, right wing, left wing, centrist, or where ever you stand in the political spectrum

Dave told Bill that he thought he was to smart to not believe what he says. Dave asked why people that he knew that were " smart people " would say and report things like they do.

Well hello people, this is real life, this is what is happening to each and every one of us, and instead of sugar coating, or telling part of a story, I have to applaud Fox news for going straight ahead with the truth.

I know some people say that fox will twist things for ratings, or do things to bash Obama and the democrats. But how can you deny the truth when it is offered to you right from the lawmakers mouth ?

Like Cavuto yesterday

what about when Big Bill called Barney Frank out on Fannie and Freddie ?

What about when Fox News showed us Pelosi's thoughts on illegal aliens ?

Fox news is not making this stuff up, it's not a soap opera where someone is writing all this stuff and these people are reading a script

Too smart to believe what they say?

Maybe smart enough to keep our heads out of the sand.


Da Old Man said...

Politiciasns hate when they have their feet to the fire and their own words are used against them. That is why they try like heck to discredit Fox.
I worked on a campaign years ago, and we published the voting record of the opposition.
He threatened to sue us for publishing his own record. Public information. Go figure.

I Hate Commercials said...

I saw the O'Reily-Letterman interview last night on the Factor. Bill kept his cool as usual and made Letterman look like the asshole that he is again on his own show.

The Fearless Blog said...

Excellent commentary...

I have had colleagues make similar comments about me. Things like "Oh you are so smart how could you be one of them (referring to my conservative views)."
When liberals make these comments it has nothing to do with "smarts." What they actually mean to day but don't is "how could you be so stupid." They do not think conservatives are smart and passionate about their beliefs. They in fact think we are evil and lack compassion. I AM smart enough to read between the lines. Thank God!

Josh said...

Today's liberals can be defined with a simple term: Progressive. However, the word progressive isn't as easily definited.

For starters, it means taking a harsh stance against any principle this country was founded on. Then it means what's good for the goose will choke the gander dead. And then it goes on to mean that only one side of the story is pertinent. And then it surprisingly continues to mean that passion about America's well being is lunacy. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, progressive means to insist the using the truth is a smear tactic.

I don't care what anyone thinks of me on this. If you insist that simply telling the truth is a smoke screen red herring, a smear or unfair in any way, you're rucking fetarded! And I mean that.

People telling the truth about Obama being a SOCIALIST is NOT a smear. People saying that spending money is bad news are not smearing! Telling the truth about Kerry's swift-boating, Clinton's Whitewater, travelgate and filegate, and Obama's relationship with terrorists and racist separtists is not a friggin' diversion ... IT'S THE TRUTH!

Yet another reason that FOX is #1 and the liberal media is failing left and right. Hiding the truth is one thing, but to say that you cannot tell the truth about someone in political power is another entirely.

Guys like Dave are too uninformed to call anyone smart or stupid. O'Reilly runs circles around everyone who tries to tell HIM who HE is.

Harrison said...

I missed O'Reilly thanks for the YouTube clip. Went better this time that the earlier times. I think it just shows many Liberals like to mislead and when called on it change the subject.

Mark said...

Everytime I hear about anything Barney Frank has to say it drives me insane. How people like him manage to get elected over and over again never ceases to amaze me.