Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did You Vote For This ?

Our Treasury Department wants superpowers, enough to shut down businesses if they think they may be hurting the economy

They want to rewrite the constitution to put in place their new radical proposals

They want to replace the dollar with a world reserve currency

Our national debt, that Bush doubled, has in the last few months has grown to over 9 trillion dollars

They have completly dropped the ball with AIG, but walked right in the door at GM and are making themselves at home

This new administration is beginning to release Gitmo detainees and put them on our streets, and if that's not enough, they are gonna shove some welfare money in their pockets

For the simple fact that they do not want to offend anyone, our elected officials have decided that the term " War On Terror " will no longer be used

Our Secretary of State went to Mexico and let America take the blame for the drugs and violence that is out of control

Obama is sending more troops to fight a war that he cant admit to, but wants to cut the budget for them. More troops, less money

Obama said no lobbyists, we got lobbyists

He claimed transparency, he told us we would be able to review bills and have a chance to comment, well that went out the window

Obama signed a stimulus package that no one really read, and allowed some of the most useless spending that has ever come from the beltway

Is this the progress you hoped for ?

Is this the change you were expecting ?
56% of you must be feeling a little stupid right about now.
You should also be ashamed at what you have done as well


Da Old Man said...

That sign sums it up. Can't even spell a simple word, and too lazy to look it up.
Says a lot.

Tim said...

That sign is hilorious. I am very proud to say that I voted for McCain. A true American hero who had the experience to run thiw country. You cant really blame Obama, he was elected by our country even without expereince so thats on us. He has even admitted so himself that he doesnt have the experience necessary to run this country. We are in for a LONG 4 years.

Not Rush said...

They cannot be feeling stupid for they are still "Starstruck" by the brilliant Speeches of Hope and Change that the Pied Piper layed on them. These people are willing to set aside the very principles that this Nation was founded on to follow this "Political Messiah" into a Socialist State. They are willing to overlook the problems with nominees, a flawed Stimulus Bill and other policies totally on a vision of False Hope--where "Change" becomes "Chains"

Jude said...

I am so glad I am not in that 56%. :), but who's to know how it might have gone had it been the other choice, but I personally would have rather seen the other.

I Hate Commercials said...

Can't say "War on Terror", can not call them insurgents, or terrorists anymore. Absolutely ridiculous. And I've heard that some of the prisoners released from Gitmo will be tried again inside the U.S. and if released will be given gov't assistance to start over in the U.S. He's not just putting them back on the streets. He's putting them back in our country

Josh said...

Yeah, I watched O'Reilly last night because I heard it was Miller Time night (Miller rocks) and this lady was giving her best (BEST) "reason" why the term "War on Terror" is bad.

"It makes all muslims feel as if they're being targeted."

Okay. There's SO much wrong with that statement, I don't even know where to begin.

For starters, it's not the "war on muslims." If a muslim isn't a terrorist, then wtf is the problem? That's like regular people - non-druggies or non-drug dealers - saying "I feel like the war on drugs is targeting me."

No it's not!

Secondly, it's the liberals who want to change the term who are lumping muslims together. That's one of their specialties. They've put EVERYONE in a specified group - with the exception of white Christian males - and systematically defend any member of one of their "groups" that fall under attack.

Screw it all. I'm just waiting for a liberal to argue with me face-to-face so I can vent some frustration. :-)

The Listener said...

People will HAVE their eyes opened for them about their ''Showman'' when the crap he pulls finally comes to bite them on the butt. He wants to be seen as this white knight( no racsim implied), to ride in and save us poor misguided people from the Bush adminisration. I didn't agree with alot of Bushes' ideas but at least he had the balls to say something and do what he said he would do.
Also, if he(Obama)said he didn't have the experience to run the country, why did he run...just to bring us down!!!