Monday, March 30, 2009

Overstepping It's Boundries ?

Rick Wagoner got the ax today, but not from the board at GM, Obama kicked him out the door.

GM needs more cash to continue operating, and our leader put it in their hands.
Get rid of him, or no more cash
I do not want to debate if Wagoner was the man that needed the pink slip, I personally could not care less if the whole bunch was thrown out.
What bothers me is the fact that government has that kind of power. It bothers me that the government is growing larger every day, and is granting themselves the power to do as it wishes
The auto companies should have gone into bankruptcy.
If the way they manage and direct a company is not working, it is not my place to send them any money to help them out
The government, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Took my money and handed it to someone that has a lot more than I do, and I have a problem with that
They took my money and handed it to AIG, another group that willingly took a wrong turn and was on the brink of closing it's doors,
or were they ?
I did find it odd that they were doing well enough to send in contributions to Obama, and Dodd, and even McCain.
They were doing well enough to work a deal with Geithtner and Dodd to make sure they could pass out millions in bonus checks as well
This side show soap opera has been played up tremendously by the Kool-Aid media, and the politicians looking to grab some brownie points with the public that is still in the dark about the big plans our new administration has in store for us
The contracts, and deals in the dark that were made over these bailouts will never reach the light of day, but what the government has done concerning these bonus payments worry me the most
As wrong as the bonuses sound to any of us, it was still part of a contract, a legal binding agreement, yet our government said we don't like the terms now, so give it back or we will tax it from you, and smear your names throughout the country
Tonight on The Glenn Beck Show, Glenn interviewed Richard Blumenthal, who is the Connecticut Attorney General , and I was shocked when Glenn asked him " What law did AIG break ? "

Rick may have some good intentions, but twisting the law to get what you want never works.
Anyone can interpret the law in their own way, lawyers make a fortune doing it every day, But our elected officials are to uphold the constitution, and follow it to the letter, not read it and say to themselves " Hmmm, well this will work for me if I exclude this group " .
Wagoner did pretty good on his way out of the GM office today, he walked away with over 20 million in compensation, so I guess GM will have to write him an IOU until Obama cuts them another check, right ?


Harrison said...

This is why the government should not get involved like this in private industry.

Josh said...

I second Harrison -- government should shoo the hell away.

The governemnt, especially the liberals, have run nothing right. I don't think the lib-boys have a single profiting, well-running venture to their credit.

They're 0 for infinity and on the virge of taking control of everything in America.

You can find me inside Beck's bomb shelter :-)

Da Old Man said...

All I thought about while hearing that "GM and Chrysler can not fail" is how many car companies have failed, and our country did just fine.
Hudson, Studebaker, LaSalle, Willys, and dozens more. That is the way it is. If a company can't cut it, they go away. Another, better and more viable one will take its place.

The Hawg! said...

I, uh, third Harrison. The government should have kept the hell out of this. Now that the feds are in the middle of it, however, they're now running our auto industry. When the hell was that fine and dandy in a free market economy?

Oh, I almost forgot. We don't have a free market economy anymore.

At any rate, I'll be damned if I'll ever own some rusting pile of government-sponsored crap manufactured by GM or Chrysler. I'll stick with my Toyotas as long as I still have the choice to buy them, of course.

Denford said...

I absolutely love Obama but on this one HE IS WRONG, wrong wrong and wrong again.

Lee Iaccoca would disagree, but there is no reason whatsoever that any auto company or any other private enterprise should be bailed out by government. It is wrong, full stop.

Perhaps America is just not good at making cars anymore and this should be accepted so that energies can be directed by enterprising people towards another niche for the States.