Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Obama Army

You have surely seen this video before

For those of you that are still under the spell of our Democratic led government and the superstar Obama, this post may not be for you

Lets take a moment to discuss HR 1388, otherwise known as the " Gift Act "
This is the act that Obama is using to create many new corps " volunteers " to do his bidding
Not only is it a way for Obama to create groups that will influence health care, energy, education, environmental advocacy, and anywhere else he seems fit to apply some pressure, but could be used against what he may consider " civil unrest "

This can't happen, can it ?
Well, the house passed it today at a 320 to 105 vote
Now you think " come on now, volunteers are here to help us "
Did I mention these volunteers will be paid ?
Yup, and as if we are not already in debt to our ears, here comes something else we have to pay for.
Once this gets through, and our paid " volunteers " get to work, don't you think that will lead to mandatory service ?

The government knows that many of us are mad, and they fear civil unrest,

Because you have come this far in reading my blog, you could be considered an " enemy of the state"

Glenn Beck describes it here.....

Makes you wonder what's next


RE Ausetkmt said...

talk about CLOAKED Racism.

Grows Up Please, the rest of America is in the process.

obtw, late commers are welcomed

RWNJ said...

Wow, original post says not one racist (cloaked or otherwise) thing and the first commenter plays the race card.

The comments I see about Steele (i.e. Uncle Tom) aren't considered racist by the left. What a double standard! Part of growing up is getting past race. We are all humans, isn't that enough?

Lauren said...

I tweeted this for you. Weak minds play the race card because they have NOTHING else.

Da Old Man said...

Holy crap.

BTW, RE Aus: Grow up? Mind control is an adult characteristic?

Who knew?

Jude said...

Enemy of politics maybe, but not enemy of state, which made me laugh by the way, just for reading your blog. I can only imagine how our world will be in 20 years, kind of scary.

Josh said...

I'm one month into helping on a case study on racism: unchanging myths and hyperbole ...

The guy I'm fleshing the stats into text for told me that almost 80% of people asked to participate in focus groups claimed the study was "racist" by simply learning of the title.

85% he asked were liberals.

I notice that when people claim this cloaked or coded "racism," they never give specifics that can actually be proven racist. Well, how are the spotters so astute and the racists so inept? It makes you wonder.

If the poster knows it's racism as the spotter who always manages to see it claims it to be, then by definition, it's not "cloaked" at all. It's out in the open. So where is it then?

The more I read and see with my own eyes, the more I believe that "racism," as it's truly defined, has been a myth for over 30 years. "Cloaking" has taken its place because racism is still needed to guide lost souls to light.

Every story needs a villain.

tashabud said...

The video is totally disturbing to me. Scary indeed.


DarthCalenwasMom said...

That video gave me the heebie jeebies. Is that a bad case of Obama worship, or a Hitleresque move to control our nation's youth? Scary.

Don said...

Hell, socialism is here. It's just a matter now of how far it can sink it's teeth in us. Do we bite back first? Hmmm...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

They better stay out of my neighborhood. Bunch of thugs if you ask me. They aren't going to get a college degree spying on me and my neighbors and that's exactly what I think they will be paid to do.

Have a terrific day. :)