Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is North Korea Up To Now ?

As if we did not have enough on our plates to deal with, Now the bonehead over in North Korea is preparing to fire a missile that is capable of reaching American soil
This type of threat coming from a country where the people are starving to death, and they have total government control
I was not at all impressed with Hilary Clinton's reaction to this threat last night, as she only called it a provocative act
The missile that the N. Koreans are preparing to launch is but one of the problems Obama will be dealing with very soon, because they are also holding to American female reporters

What do you think the N. Koreans want them for ? Are they looking for attention ? Trying to get the international community to look at them again ?

" ... All the processes for the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula ... will be brought back to what used to be before their start and necessary strong measures will be taken," the North's foreign ministry spokesman said in comments carried by the official KCNA news agency.

North Korea tried this before in 2006, and the missile exploded seconds after leaving the launchpad. They have had 3 years to fix the problem, so should we sit back and wait to see how far it gets this time ?
Why not ? We have the capability of blowing it back to where it came from before it even gets to our shores. What point will they make to us here in the United States by firing a missile at us ? That a government controlled country that would rather starve and bankrupt the people that live there can put together 1 missile that can barely make it to our country ?
Or is the point they are trying to make not intended for us, because if then can build one, they know that someone will come.
Someone, some group, some nut job that hates the US, and we all know that there are a few out there, that are willing to pay to build a second, a third, or more with chemical warheads, or nuclear warheads that can be aimed at us

North Korea has a missile, 2 American reporters, and the balls to use them for something.


Harrison said...

North Korea is a threat but they seem to do this stuff to blackmail the West into giving them food or money or something. Japan said it would shoot down the missile if it came near their territory. I think if a mistake is made someplace there could be disaster. N. Korea played the Clinton administration for years over their nuclear program and I'm not so sure that Obama will know what to do with them, either.

Josh said...

You mean the man with the golden tongue (read: teleprompter) can't talk lil' Kim down? Oh no!

This guy has been taking a mile from an inch given since the day he was born. He'll never settle down until somebody smacks the hell out of him.

If 60 million Americans weren't let's-all-hold-hands cry-baby types, we could swoop in there and put a bullet where it belongs.

The Hawg! said...

What's North Korea up to now? No damn good, that's for sure.

And we've got a man in the White House who will let them get away with it, too.

Makes you feel both proud of your president and secure, doesn't it?