Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Fingers Still Crossed ?

I watched Obama give a speech about allowing federal funding for stem cell research this morning. I watched him sign the papers and saw all the happy people smile and clap

You know what ? I could care less.

Why should I ? I am sure this type of research could help a lot of folks, and I am sure that it comes with a price. The reason I don't care is because if I had an opposing view it would not make any difference

The stimulus was not even discussed or debated, but it was walked on through and it is done.

The nomination and appointment of tax cheats and lobbyists went through without a second thought, because it is what Obama wanted

The earmarks that we were promised that would be eliminated are still attached, and not just a few, but over 8,000.

I saw a post this weekend on a new blog I came across that was titled " Obama style communism ". I read a little about what the communist lifestyle is like, and I saw a so called " recipe " for communism.

The first thing that one would need to do is gain control of the money.

The next thing is to gain control of the media.

Well in Obama's case, that was not to hard

Then one would have to gain control over peoples health care and medicine

Once all of those things were accomplished, all that is left to do is take away the ability for people to defend themselves against you.

"We can't expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they wake up to find that they have Communism." -Nikita Krushev (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

Let me ask again, you people still have your fingers crossed ?


blaine_fridley said...

socialism has been part of the american fabric since the beginning. well, at least if you're a large corporate entity asking for a handout. reverse socialism. the rich getting richer from the "handouts (i.e. taxes paid)" given to them by the average american. people need to get a clue. universal health care isn't socialism. it's fairness. it's the type of sh1t government is SUPPOSED to do. do people think the rich will no longer be rich if some of obama's plans actually go through? hell no. people need to read deeper than the headline and actually figure out what they're trying to attack. obama is not a socialist. he's just another rich dude who just happens to be making the wise decision of contemplating giving-in to people's demands for fair, humane treatment, thereby squelching the uproar caused over the last 8 years and returning America to the status quo of complacency. he has labeled this "change." puke.

Da Old Man said...

You have explained it perfectly. Just keep giving up bits and pieces of our freedom, until it's all gone.

The Fearless Blog said...

Excellent post...

Why are some people still whispering though? What has happened to the United Statesmen?

I find myself often telling the story of Jim Jones and Kool-aid in Guyana. How do you get 900 plus people to drink? Answer... very easily.

In addition to uncrossing our fingers we also need to open our minds, read, explore and analyze. But wait a minute that takes too much time and effort, too hard to stressful for the brain. Oh well I guess we will all have to turn ourselves over and allow someone else to make all the decisions for us. Sad very sad...

Maybe we have gotten too arrogant and complacent as a nation and maybe we deserve exactly what we are still yet to receive. If my father were still alive, this "new direction" would most certainly pierce his very core.

The BoBo said...

Fridley - serious man? Its because of idiots like you with your eyes shut and palms wide open looking for a government hand out that is causing this great nation to come to its knees. Obama is indeed a socialist and this post nailed it all on the head - and that is your response? C'mon man - wake up!

The problem is you apparently haven't read the constitution in a very long while. The government is not supposed to DO anything but stay out of the way. The government owes NOTHING to the people and the people are NEVER supposed to be looking to the government for their healthcare, welfare, or anything else for that matter.

You are buying in to this class-warfare philosophy created by Karl Marx and communism. There will always be rich people and there will always be poor people and there will always be those in between. Those who get an education and work hard should get to keep what they earn. They should not have to take care of that highschool dropout that decided to do drugs and work at McD's instead of trying to become a regular contributing member of society.

Fair? What is not fair is the government redistributing other's hard earned money. Margaret Thatcher got it right - "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

The Hawg! said...

Good points, lot 2 learn. Sadly, your view is in the minority these days.

Keep up the good fight. Well, as long as you're allowed to have a dissenting view, at least.

Lauren said...

There's so much to worry about this is a non issue. It doesn't affect those who didn't creat the embryos in the first place. I think that it is a personal issue for couples to be able to decide on their own much like donating your body to science, IF you believe this meshed cell is a life which I personally do not.

You are very right about all the rest and I respect your gumption for speaking out! :)

blaine_fridley said...


" Its because of idiots like you "
-- ahh, yes, the cornerstone of any intelligent argument. i think you meant "it's" by the way.

"your eyes shut and palms wide open looking for a government hand out that is causing this great nation to come to its knees"
- yup. though i do find it hard to work 3 jobs with my eyes shut. and i often find myself accidently groping co-workers with my palms wide open, too. this is an issue.

"The government owes NOTHING to the people "
- again, you couldn't be more right. we just elect them and pay their exorbitant salaries. why would anybody be crazy enough to expect anything back, like say, oh, i don't know, bridges that don't collapse or a basic medical procedure without having to sell your house--not that you could now anyway.

"What is not fair is the government redistributing other's hard earned money."
- god forbid people with more money than they could ever spend should pay more in taxes so that some family might be able to eat government-subsidized high-fructose corn syrup-ridden food.

"Margaret Thatcher got it right"
- and this is where your argument finally drops off the cliff. margaret thatcher never got anything right.

BOBO, your argument is so laughably black and white, i just don't have enough time in my lunch break to cover it all. which is a shame, because i'd really like to. unfortunately, i have to get back to work so i can pay off my last emergency room bill and the mortgage on my rapidly de-valuing house.

redb1ker said...

Even if you did care, you would only be assaulted for being anti-American. I am only interested in how he will handle a few other problems. I know that there are a lot of peeps that are angry after only a few months that he hasn't "saved the chilrun".

Josh said...

`@ Blaine

No. That is not what the government is "supposed" to do.

What else is the government SUPPOSED to do? Give every person a free house? The same size house? Cars? Amount of food in the fridge? Are "we" to give every person preschool to collegiate education? Find everyone their first job?

What does the individual do on his or her own with "fairness" in America?

The right man's in office if that's indeed what you think American government is SUPPOSED to do. But it's not. To do so, well, it's no longer American government. It's something else entirely.

In general...

We do have many social programs in this country. To think that having a few social programs is socialism, however, is a huge stretch. But we're getting there quickly.

America has bent over backwards to help people on a social level without completely destroying a free market system that does - at least until interfered with - create an abundance of wealth.

There are many poor people in this country -- no doubt about that. But they're not poor due to the rich getting richer. If this administration has taught us anything, it's that the money never - in theory - runs out. It's not like the rich grabbed it all up and left others with scraps.

Social programs in this country have been a failure for one reason and one reason alone: They make too many people welfare dependent.

Adding more giveaways instead of creating more avenues to earn is the answer to this problem?

If that's what you want America to be, then so be it. However, that's now what America is SUPPOSED to be.

The only way to create fairness is to punish/or hold accountable anyone/anything impeding another's success. Everyone should have an equal right to make a good life for his or herself and his or her family.

"Giving" anything that's taken from others doesn't create fairness. It creates the exact opposite. That's simple logic.

Sorry for the long post. I have a tendency to ramble on. :-)

The BoBo said...

Lauren - you might want to read the e.o. that lifted this ban. This has nothing to do with the decision between couples. This e.o. also allows scientists to clone human embryos for stem cell research and also opens the door for growing babies in test tubes for the purpose of organ harvesting. Do you still think it's okay for the government to fund that type of research?

Fridley - good on you that you have 3 jobs. So what? The fact you still want a government handout shows you to be a socialist. This country was built on individuals working hard to get what they want and then keeping all that they have earned. Do you think you're immune to this new legislation? You're gonna be looking for job 4 soon with Obama's plans. Your energy bills are going to skyrocket under this cap and trade plan. Your food bills are going to increase under his alternative energy plan that utilizes more of our food supply, etc. When your companies start getting taxed to oblivion - what do you think they will start doing? Laying off people. It could be you.

Once you start taxing "the rich" people start losing jobs. You don't take money from people who earned it and give it to those who didn't. Why should it be anybody's responsibility for taking care of the high school dropout that can't get a better job because of his choices? Let person needs to go back to school and get a better education to get a decent job. It's not my fault they were lazy.

It's not my fault those girls decided to have a baby when they were still in highschool and now they have to raise that child. Why should I be responsible for someone else's bad choices?

Same for the mortgage bailout. Why do I have to pay my own mortgage, property taxes, and insurance because I can afford to since I made the right choice AND pay to bailout that idiot that should be foreclosed on? Why should they get a $5000 bailout to reduce their principle using my tax dollars PLUS have their principle written down because they lied on their application to get that house?

What is not fair is taking the money I worked hard for to feed, clothe, and house my family to give it to some losers who cheated the system.

You libs are all alike - you're all shameless. BTW - Universal Healthcare IS socialism - that's why they call it socialized medicine.

Paotie said...

I blame Oprah for everything.

She and her out-of-control professional victims' society. Everybody's a victim. Everybody needs to be vindicated. Everybody needs to victimize potential victimizers at all costs.

We must stop domestic violence! And we must read Oprah's Book Club to stop domestic violence! We must not eat beef because it causes domestic violence! We must ban and exile James Frey from America to stop domestic violence!

And lately, to stop domestic violence, we've got to listen to a litany of people who are utilizing the press to create "news" to inflict political and social barbs onto people, like Chris Brown and his violent girlfriend, Rhianna.

Well, I am deaf and do not know many things. I may have been victimized yesterday by a nefarious squirrel, but I refuse to be victimized!

Yes. Yes.

I blame Oprah for everything.