Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

I enjoyed watching the Madoff coverage today. I was impressed that the judge sent him to jail and did not let him stay out on bond until sentencing

What I do not understand is why Ruth was allowed to go to their high dollar home. Strip them now. Take everything they have, and then turn Bernie lose and let him and Ruth live in the streets.

Could that be too cold and heartless for them ?

Well then make a deal that for every name they give of who was involved, everyone that took a bribe to get the SEC audits through, everyone that turned a blind eye as a friend for Bernie, that they get 5 bucks to live on.

Just my opinion

Sheriff Joe is on my mind tonight. A modern day John Wayne. He is doing his job, and has my full support,

So Charley,

and Murtha,

STFU !!!! Better yet, just pack your shit and go home

And Pelosi, Who the hell do you think you are ? You know what, you will be the one in the front of the line when the blame gets passed around for the fall of Obama. I don't know what you have on him, but it must be bad. Why didn't you just run for President ?.

Oh well, it's doubtful, with your crackpot ideas, that you even have a chance to be re-elected, so enjoy it now I guess

Bill Ayers has turned into a rock star around the college campus circuit. And this jackass,

Ward Churchill. I don't want to go on a rant about these two. But I would comment that why are they still here ? Cant we find a nice little leaky rowboat and give them a good strong push towards Cuba, or France, or something ?

The biggest thing running through my mind tonight is the one sided humor I see on blogs, and sites like Craigslist, and some newspapers. GW was always compared to a monkey

Some jokes put McCain just a little ahead of a caveman in the evolutionary map

But this pic is sure to get me some hate mail. Is it funny ? Does it cross the line and show disrespect for Obama ?

Well guess what. It is as near a true depiction of the evolutionary chain as you can get for some people.

Why ?

Well, for those people that want to take God out of school, and leave out the parts that say " In God We Trust " and like the pledge of allegiance that goes " One Nation, Under God,...."

The masses that do not want nativity displays, and want evolution taught in schools, and stood behind the groups that advertised on buses and billboards that proclaimed " There is no God ! "

This is what they believe

You cant have it both ways.

Either you believe that man was created by God, or you were evolved from apes

I looked up the numbers tonight for what has been spent, and what is planned to be spent.

I did run across the Biden site that was supposed to help explain where all this money is going. That was no help at all.

On one of the news shows tonight, someone that was being interviewed was trying to defend the Obama plans and spending. They finished off a long response that had no fact or content to add that " Hey, it's only been a few weeks. Give it time "

I just wonder how much time we have.


Da Old Man said...

The one sidedness (for lack of a better term) of the jokes is so telling.
Sure makes me wonder who is the racist.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Why Not Give it Eight years, like you did for your republican president.

Maybe OURS Can Fix what YOURS Broke.

Learn a Lil Patience and then you will see that not everyone has republican values and ethics.

Josh said...

@ RE

Fix what - as in, what did Bush break?

A Lil Patience in hittin' the facts instead of the propaganda wheel might be the first step in healing the country... regardless of who's President.

But you are right about the values point. Not everyone has Republican or conservative values, that's very true.

However, to watch the way things are shaping up, I'd have to ask what Rep/Dem values have to do with anything that's going on. This is an American issue.

Are you okay with:

Nationalized healthcare
Nationalized agriculture
Nationalized energy
Nationalized banks
Open borders and closed trades

Are those your values? The government handling every single aspect of your life; controlling the majority of our freedoms we take for granted. Is an all-encompassing government really the answer? Have you even asked yourself that question?

Yeah, America might fluctuate as a capitalist country. So I can see where some are saying "Give Obama/Pelosi/Reid's way a chance!" But if you'd care to look, that "way" has been given a chance all around the world. It's never worked.

So... you'll have to excuse the skepticism. Some of us do more than look at the man and assume everything will be okay. :-)