Friday, March 6, 2009

He Was Right About The Change

Transparency ! No earmarks ! Going through the bills line by line !
Yeah, right
Money for pig stink, money for catfish research, and send more money to AIG and Citibank.
Yup, America has lost it's mind.
I got an email the other day that told me I could get $12,000 from this stimulus package

WTF ? Like the title says, Did I miss something ?
Obama told us all yesterday to go out and buy stock, well hell yeah. It's like a 2 for 1 sale right now. GM was trading at near a dollar a share this morning, and Citibank dipped to 0.93 cents yesterday
Did anyone notice that crude oil prices went up ? I guess the Arabs need some cash to get a few more gold toilets
What is this fascination with Obama ? Why is it that people are blind to where we are headed ?
Could we be headed to Socialism and Communism ?

The best part of this Glen Beck interview is when he asked to name one Communist country that had succeeded.
I am sure you know that he could not name one
You know what ? Let them spend every dollar. Let them go into debt, let them sit inside the beltway and lie to each other until the walls that surround them come crashing down
I give up
Really, you cant convince a heroin addict to put the needle down just by telling him it is going to kill him.
We will never convince the Kool-Aid crowd that their " Chosen one " is leading them down a path to the destruction we all know will happen
Soon, we will enter the days of survival of the fittest
Soon, survival will be Government regulated for those that become dependant on Obama to care for them
I hope the Obama crowd gets what they deserve


Da Old Man said...

It will be bad. The "solutions" so far are simplistic and will not work.

Josh said...

The more I watch FOX news, the more I turn it around to other news channels. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, but here's the one thing I notice that FOX does that no other news channel does:

They give facts and encourage, dare, implore watchers and listeners to "look it up" and "see for yourself."

And I'm definitely still laughing about socialists/communists/anti-capitalists, whatever you want to call them, DEMANDING that the "rich" give their money to the poor, meanwhile, they give little, if anything, themselves.

They're thieves.

The only people, IMO, who want to steal other people's money are bums who are too lazy, jaded, or bitter to try and make a good life for themselves. said...

Obama is going to take us all down with him.

I think he is more concerned with implementing his ideology than getting re-elected.


Eat Well. Live Well.

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