Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enough With the Banjo Music

My last post was about a surge of militia's forming in our country, and because some of my readers know that I live below the Mason/Dixon, I think they have the idea of all us bib overall wearing, 12 gauge totin', 4x4 drivin, heehaw's are gonna get together and storm DC
Well, let me explain myself to you while I take a bite off this applejack plug here, because the redneck, KKK, racist picture some of you may have is way off base
Did you watch the election coverage when the reporters would visit different diners, and talk to folks having breakfast to get their opinions of the candidates ?

Well, people did not stop going to their morning spots and stop discussing what is going on in the world. Sure, we have talked about when some tomato seedlings would show up, and if the Southern States store had any water troughs in stock. But as always, talk got around to things that are not covered in the six o'clock news report.

This morning we were all wondering why we are letting all those people get killed and kidnapped in Arizona. Why are we letting the illegals cross into our country and commit crimes like that ?

We talked about the HR 45 bill and tried to find a reason that the government would want to regulate us even more when it came to our guns. We all agreed that the tax that has been placed on ammunition is outrageous.

This diverse group of men, farmers, electricians, loggers, truck drivers, store owners, mechanics, and such were all concerned as to what is right and wrong for our country. There was no Obama bashing, no one said " to hell with this, I am gonna put a fence around my land and prepare for war! "

What was said was we need to do something before it gets worse

We never dreamed that McVeigh would set off a bomb, we never pictured that an assault like the one on the USS Cole would happen. None of us ever thought we would turn on the TV and see a plane fly into the World Trade Center, and for that matter, who pictured a black man as president ?

What would any of us do if the borders were to be overrun with illegals tonight, and they banded with the illegals that are already in our country and set out to destroy our nation ?

What would we do today if during rush hour in no particular city, a chemical bomb was set off?

Just what if ?

Could you protect yourself ?

Would you hide and hope for the police or military to come and rescue you ?

If you could escape death and destruction, where would you go ?

Our military is stretched thin, our police are few and underfunded, and besides the big dumb hicks some people think are nothing but crude racist's , there is no one else left to defend what we have.

Agreed, there are a few weirdo's out there, and they can give decent people a bad name, but in a worse case scenario, there are many of us that would be proud to defend, and would be in the truck waiting to go fight

I would rather be ready and not need it, than to need it and not have it,

YaknowwhatImean ?


Da Old Man said...

I know what you mean.

The difference appears to be one group wants to take care of themselves, while the other wants/needs to be taken care of.

The problem with being taken care of is that one gives up something. Like when we were kids, and did what the parents said because, "their house, their rules."
No one gives absolutely freely.

RE Ausetkmt said...

I take it this is satire right ?

Josh said...

On the immigration issue:

I still, for the life of me, cannot understand why this isn't a country-wide issue.

GD LIBERALS! I'm not a vindictive person, I'm really not. But I hope if these illegal criminals are aiming their violence at American citizens, they at least target a left-wing looney tune. I really hope so.

Not because I feel as if all liberals should be victims of violent acts (well... lol), but because they need to get the friggin' picture that it's NOT okay to let this bad element into our country!

They need to get over this profiling BS. Even Bill Maher, one of the morons on the very tip of the eagle's left wing, says that profiling is not only fine, it's EXACTLY what's needed.

If you're a hard-working man or woman who wants a better life for your family, come on in. America will take care of you. But you need to check in!

When you come across illegally, it's impossible to tell criminals apart from good, honest people.

And there's absolutely no logic in saying, "Well, you can't target everyone because not everyone's a criminal."

NO! You target everyone and punish the criminals. Duh! The key word here is "illegal."

Are kidnappers included in the liberal amnesty plans? This issue alone should be enough of a rude awakening to the America public that having a cowardly, overly PC liberal in ANY office isn't good for anybody.

Lauren said...

I second what Da Old Man said!

Rod Williams said...

Where did you get that picture of my family?

Terry said...

I have ran into people from up North who think we are all like the Beverly Hillbillies before they struck oil.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog posting.

DH and I are "legally armed", as are many of our families, and are planning on staying that way.

I too agree with Da Old Man, and part of what Josh said, though his attitude is not one I'd want to have in my fort!

Paotie said...

As if things weren't bad enough, consider that the smart immigrants are leaving the US.

Now Americans are stuck with Major League Baseball players who subconsciously utilize performance-enhancing french fries during "Amateur Hour."

Could it get any worse?

I like the point in regards to being prepared and not having to do anything compared to having to do something while not prepared.

Practical. Very practical.

Cool beans!

Anonymous said...

The last time white right wingers formed militias they bombed the federal building at Oklahoma City.

Militias are dangerous lynchmobs and nothing else.

Ed said...

The good news regarding HR 45 is that on Feb 9, 2009 it was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

NO action has been taken by that Subcommittee as of today!