Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Offended Yet ?

Did this offend you when you saw it ?
What about when you heard this ?

A nation of cowards ?
Are any of the Obama supporters having second thoughts yet
Well, what about this video. Does it bother you ?

Were you outraged, or thought it was hilarious ? I guess if you thought that was funny, you really got a kick out of this pic

What has happened to us, and what is happening to our country ?
This a funny pic too ? You know, California has to cut nearly 4 billion from it's education budget, but spends over 8 billion on illegal immigrants . WTF ?
I guess this " stimulus " will bring some jobs also, right ? but who will get those jobs ?

Anyone smell the racism ? Where is the new President and the Democratic Government going to lead us ? Is anyone else offended by the actions that this new administration is taking ?
Could it be that the real racism problem is in the White house ?

Let's see here, and I quote, " When black would not be asked to give back "
What did he mean by that ?

Oh, I see. I wonder what he means when he says " When white would embrace whats right "


Josh said...

People pick and choose what they feel is "racist" to them -- but rarely do people post from entire spectrum and ask the question: "Why is it okay for some, but not for others?"

I love the post. It's the same message I try to get across in the majority of my blog posts.

The "minorities being held back" battle-cry is government propaganda on so many levels.

Here's the gist of the employment situation: There are 200-million white people in the US. There are around 40-million black and 40-million Hispanic, together not totaling half of the white population.

Not wanting to job to go to "white" construction workers means that the majority is discriminated against simply because they're the majority!

What's racism again? Well, it's NOT discrimination against someone based on numbers. Basing it on race, however, is blatant racism and would NOT be tolerated if that line were, "black/latino/asian construction workers."

It's not white people's fault that their numbers are greater! And funnily enough, there are MORE starving and unemployed white people simply due to the large number!

There's NOTHING, absolutely no way to reach "equality" by surpressing one race in order to advance others.

A person should be hired based ONLY on their qualifications.

Of course, you won't hear minorities up in arms over this type of discrimination -- and that's plain hypocrisy.

And it also begs the question: Are people genuinely upset over the idea of discrimination, or is everyone just out to get their piece of the pie?

The majority of the population cannot be held accountable for being the majority of the population.

It's not even remotely mathematically feasible without directly oppressing one race while the other is held to a higher standard.

Umm, isn't that what America has been fighting NOT to do in recent years when it comes to the oppression of African-Americans?

"Get-back" and revenge keeps people bitter and racist! Liberal horseshit that caters only to minorities and damns the majority keeps people racist!

It embitters one side and desensitizes the other. And that bitter feeling does not go away -- as evidenced by today's racial attitudes over injustices past.

Garnzo said...

Great post. I'm tired of being told what I should find offensive by the media, especially when that same media blatantly ignores what's REALLY offensive.

Lauren said...

Josh seems to have covered it!

MommyKoz said...

Excellent post, and I agree with another of our guests, "Josh" has covered it all.

Da Old Man said...

Josh hit all the points, but one more to bring out--specifically about the cartoon.
Saying it is Obama is a stretch, for my first thought was that the Congress was referenced as being little more than chimps when passsing the package. But even if it were, how many times was Bush's picture shown alongside a monkey? Plenty. So, only white politicians can be compared to a monkey, I guess.

Sad, sad day. said...

We've come to the point where what's wrong is right, and what's right is now considered wrong.

God help us.

The Hawg! said...

I thought something along the same lines as Crotchety when I first saw this cartoon. We've seen Bush compared to a monkey, called the anti-Christ, accused of war crimes and generally dragged through the mud by the left and a willing media.

That type of thing was defended as a legitimate exercise of the First Amendment. After all, dissent is patriotic, right?

Or is it only patriotic when aimed at certain presidents and not others?

Frankly, too many people are making a big deal over this. It's an editorial cartoon in a nation that encourages dissent. There's nothing more to it than that.