Friday, February 6, 2009

Where's Our Change ?

What the hell is this stuff ? This kind of talk was not what I was expecting to hear from our new Prez.

He said " Don't come to the table with the same old tired arguments and worn out ideas that helped to create this problem "

Well has he even read the bill that he is wanting on his desk in less than 10 days ? Can anyone tell me why we need all the " wish list " spending included in this ? Hell, we signed up for a bailout just a few months ago, and no one knows where that money went

Obama says that we will not get relief by doing what was done for the last 8 years. He said that he walked into a deficit when he came to work. He even said it was sitting there with a ribbon around it waiting for him


Was he not part of the Democrats that helped send the mortgage industry to the crapper ? The same Democrats that wanted to keep regulation away from the lenders ? The same Democrat that accepted money from these people that made the rules for lending ? And was he not the same Democrat that helped organize people to protest banks and make problems for lenders that otherwise would not give loans to people that could not afford them ?

BHO won, I know that, and there is nothing we can do about it. We do still have a voice, and as small as that voice may be, we should at least make it clear to those sheep in DC that are still drunk with the Kool-Aid that we do not like what is happening

Check out this site It has email addresses and phone numbers to the people in DC that are spending our future away.

There are still some of us here that are not blinded by the Obama light, that can see that much of this bill is unnecessary. We should act, we should let Dem's and republicans know that what they are doing is wrong

All those extras they are trying to include are things we do not need today, and we do not need a 700 + page bill to fix some of these problems.

My opinion, drop the mortgage interest rates to 4% for EVERYONE. Let those in a home stay there. let those that want a home buy one. If they want to spend money, let them spend it on our infrastructure. Construction will get us moving again. And lets start drilling NOW. Forget your green stuff until we actually have an electric car that can go a few hundred miles and does not cost 100k.

This so-called crisis can be turned around with the middle class. It can be fixed without having to purchase dog parks, and buying new government vehicles, and putting our grandchildren it debt


Lauren said...

The only change they want is for you and I to have only pennies in our pocket. That way we are left dependent upon keep screwing us.

Da Old Man said...

They keep tacking on more and more nonsense to the bill until it is mostly pork. And yes, while O was part of the Congress, basically all he did was vote present.

Josh said...

I'm completely confused about it all. The people are who take the brunt of this in the end. The people are who need help. But the people are being overlooked.

Over on my blog - and it's hard to tell because I ramble on so - I quoted a list of things that Obama would do before "helping." GITMO, more spending, and overseas abortions were on there as his starter acts. I'll be #*@#^$!!! He did them all in succession! I wanted to be wrong.

But when it comes to helping the people, he just gives another speech and showcases his recordable voice. And notice the Bushesque stu-stu-stutter. 17 so-called "news" networks would have picked Bush apart. MSNBC woulda brought in a language "expert" to tell us all how Bush was lying due to his speech pattern.

Is this America, or have the galaxies finally merged and left us in lala land?

It's Feb. 6, 2009. Come Feb. 6, 2010, George W. Bush will no longer be the blame candidate, and the change candidate will have to show some VAST improvement.

Improvement not being more ways to spend towards Global Warming, a completely nationalized country, and a rush to make immigrants voters.

He's right about "change." It's just not change for the better thus far. It's early and I'll give it time before I switch to cash only and move to Italy. :)

dickster1961 said...

I was watching O'Reily when Obama started speaking to the Dems. Made me sick to my stomach to listen to him. Nothing he has done so far has impressed me. He goes on and on about how the deficit is killing the country and his solution is to spend more money than any president has ever spent in one bill.