Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Shall Be Free ?

I was flipping through the channels on the TV today listening to all the big news stations, and heard of more layoffs, and more money problems in the government, and more of our economy doing a nosedive

Money, the true root of all evil, has kept us from what humanity should be.

Have you ever seen this Garth Brooks video ? Its called " we shall be free " and it has a fantastic message, but the only ones that can see the point Garth was trying to make are those of us here at the bottom of life.

Greed has consumed our politicians, and our Government. It has made them corrupt, and has made them lose sight of the people's best interest.
What would be best for our economy, and what would help to bring us together ?
Money ?
The high cost of food, housing, and transportation keeps some folks that work 40 or more hours a week in poverty, yet we elect senators and congressmen to office that make 6 figures or more a year that could care less about the family of 3 or 4 that use 75 % of their bring home pay just to have a roof over their head

We need to eliminate the greed.

Last night on the No Spin Zone, Mr O'Riley had a story about an old man that died in his home because he had no heat. It seems that the power company had shut his power off in freezing temperatures because he was late on his bill

When the man was found, they found cash paper clipped to his power bill. Bill said it was a disgrace, and said it should never happen. He then said he would make sure it would not happen again, and told his viewers if people had a problem with their power bill, send it to him

That's what our country has forgotten about. A line in that song says " When money talks for the very last time, we shall be free " I believe it.

Watch it again and see how you feel


Da Old Man said...

I'm pretty sure the quote is the love of money is the root of all evil.
That said, politicians love grabbing our money, and Hollyweird elitists love telling us what we should do with our money. Meanwhile, they continue to accumulate theirs in amounts that are astounding.

sketch said...

Amen! We live in Ohio, about an hour away from where that elderly man lived - it is a disgrace. We also heard Bill O'Reilly's program - more people in the media should take a stand such as he is to help bring about change.

Broadway Matron said...

Nice video...thanks

It's Time to Live... said...

I would also like to add.... Where were the neighbors and friends. We are in this together! I know that I will check on the widow across the street from me more often because it is what is right to do.

Jen said...

Oprah could pay all our utility bills and still be the richest woman alive. It's great to feed the starving children in third world countries but we have quite a few of them here. And yes we all need to take care of each other because it is pretty clear our government isn't looking out for us.

In our state the power company can't turn off the gas from Oct. 15th to April 15th. They will harass us and scare the crap out of us but they can't shut it off.