Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OK Whitey....Times Up !!!

I borrowed my title from a thread on a Craigslist R&R post that was started last Friday. The original poster wrote that the time had come for the black man.Time had come for " his "
people to stand and take what they deserved.
As I continued to read his rantings, I also read post's by others that inserted pictures of gangbangers, and photoshoped pic's of people fighting over a bucket of KFC, stating that this is what we have to look forward to.
The one thing that got my attention about the original posters rant, was the fact that in every entry, he stated that it was time to get what he deserved, and in reality, that is what I am afraid our new President will bring to the white house

Thomas Jefferson said " To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."

The same idea is present today by many that are preparing for " punishment " for hard work. The very idea of a welfare system for those that refuse to do better for themselves is a slap in the face to those that choose to be self reliant, and work for a better life

I am not a fan of Obama, and at the same time, I do wish him well because no matter what, I am still an American and will stand by the decision made by our nation, and as an American, I can still cry foul when I see something wrong.
Obama's approval rating as of today, before he is even sworn in, is at 80%, but for what ?
Obama stated recently in a speech that " the problems are deep and it may take months (even years) to fix them. "
A 180 degree turn from his campaign speeches that on Day One he'll make a difference.
Saying now that the closing of Gitmo may take longer than expected.
Saying now that the withdrawal of troops from Iraq has to be done orderly and in a reasonable time frame that doesn't plunge the country into chaos.
Saying now that the Patriot act is actually legal including "warrant-less wiretaps" despite the rants and ramblings of the ACLU.
Saying now that (as he stated on ABC's "This Week") the reality of the problems America faces at home and abroad cannot be fixed by simplistic campaign rhetoric.

According to the St. Petersburg newspaper, Obama made over 500 promises in his campaign rhetoric...more than the last two Presidents combined.

Yeah, reality is sinking in, and he's beginning to understand that campaign rhetoric is what it is, air-filled rhetoric.
Makes one long for the "straight talk express" doesn't it? I just hope that Obama's blind worshipers get hit with the same dose of reality.

Enjoy the 150,000,000 million dollar party , and have a great honeymoon, because weather you think so or not, the Kool-Aid crowd has set the bar way to high, and the promises of change will never get him close to getting over it

And for those of you who wish to lay the blame on G.W, I only have this to say..................


Lauren said...

Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Old Man said...

I would never say GW was a great President. But he was much better than he has been given credit for. He has faced challenges that no President in recent times has faced.

betty said...

I'm not a President Bush fan. No ill will though. I was actually offended by the booing of the crowd. If things were terrible because of One man they boo themselves for not doing something about it. Either way interesting read.

Paul Eilers said...

"According to the St. Petersburg newspaper, Obama made over 500 promises in his campaign rhetoric...more than the last two Presidents combined."

Do you happen to have a link?

I would like to read up on that.



Josh said...

As G-Dub hinted at in his farewell speech: History will be the judge of where the "blame" should fall.

No matter your political affiliation, I strongly believe that this period in American history (2000 - undecided) will be viewed in 50 years as the age of misinformation.

A couple of ironies -- just because I love them so much.

Irony 1: We, as a collective people, have a vast empire of media; however, the number of "uninformed" idiots (no better word) choose our fate.

Irony 2: Obama wished his well dry and never had to! Because of who Obama "is," he would have won going away... easily. The actual race was only closer because with every promise, another person caught on to the bull*#$%.

Irony 3: The far-left finally have their horse in the lead, yet they're planning to spur and whip blood from its side. This, of course, being the ACLU and uber-sensitive side of the party.

Irony 4: In the interest of rehashing racism and pretending that the proverbial "black man in America" had NO options prior, we've sacrificed our entire country's wellbeing to prove we're (America) indifferent.

Ugg, the list can go on, but what's the point...

In the immortal words of Tony Soprano: "You're entitled to shit!"

I'll be $&@^&$ if my HARD WORK supports ANYONE whom feels they're entitled to a free ride. I'll forfeit my taxes instantly and work in cash only.