Friday, January 16, 2009

What The Hell Are We Gonna Do ?

Holder as our top cop ? What the hell was Obama thinking. Mr Pardon here, who gets Christmas cards from the Rich family, and the FALN, and the man who wants to censor the Internet to advise our President.

And what about Geithner ? The man that collects your taxes, but forgets to pay his. That sounds like a real stroke of genius.

After the election, I told myself that I would wait for Obama's picks to help convince myself that we were not doomed to go down the drain that we are circling now.
I have to say, I am not convinced that the great change is coming.
We all need to prepare, become self reliant, and keep our friends and family close. We have no idea who will be sworn in next week, and the best way to ensure our survival is to prepare for the worst. No, I don't preach of the apocalypse, or hundreds of nukes coming at us. In my opinion, we are financial cripples, and vulnerable to schemes and rip-offs from the new Government

Here is the board, you spin it. The Kool-Aid drinkers are blinded by the Obama headlights, and will follow him right off a cliff if ordered to do so. The confirmation hearings are a waste of time, and if even someone stood up against an Obama appointment, they would be frowned upon, and made an outcast.
As Americans, we need to stand, we need to keep our eyes open, and not be afraid to speak out.
Stand up people, It's our Country, and our Government. If you know it's wrong, don't be afraid to say it


Lauren said...

Everyone should pay their taxes...except them! Keep us all fighting each other so they can get away with everything. Keep them razzle dazzled so they won't care.

Da Old Man said...

It's going to be a crazy ride. Hang on.

Sherry said...

Keep being the watchdog!!