Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Trillion More

There it is friends. Wave goodbye to another chunk of cash that will be lost and unaccounted for. More money our great grand kids will be repaying to China, or Saudi Arabia, or whoever else extends us some credit.

No jobs anywhere. Home foreclosures mean no state and local taxes paid, so many local government services are gone

No one working so less money paid in federal income taxes, and less cash the new Congress will be able to spend, unless they borrow more.

Yeah, that change we heard about is coming fast

In a conversation I had today in a political chat room, I was told that the government needed to take money and spend it where it would do the most good. We should let them create jobs, and put the US back on its feet.

I simply said " You want bigger government, you hope that capitalism is destroyed "

The first thing that was shot back to me was " We are not socialist's ! " and " Obama is for the working class ! " and I was even called a racist for speaking out against the chat room person.

After all the spelling in caps ended, I wrote " let us remember, the bulk of income tax paid to the government is from the private sector. Without the private companies and non government business, there would not be a billion, or a trillion, or even five bucks for the big banks, or the insurance companies, or the auto manufacturers to go to DC and beg for.

The money belongs to us, the people, and so does the government. I hope I am not the only one outraged over another trillion being handed to the same democrats that got us into this mess.

Let's be honest, shall we ? You Obama supporters are starting to see where your new president is going with this country ?

Those of you that voted for him because of guilt, or fear of being called a racist are scratching your heads now, right ?

Don't worry, there are some Obama supporters that are still in good spirits

Yup. They got you. If you don't know it yet, you will.

Welcome back Clinton era
Welcome to welfare, handouts, and big government

Hey, at least there are a few that are happy with things


Lauren said...

I think it's way deeper than most realize. Call me a fanatic but I think they are very aware of what they are doing and that it's part of the plan to bankrupt our country so that we completely collapse...COMPLETELY while selling the idea that they are helping the poor and creating jobs. It's sick and I truly believe it's what is at work.

Da Old Man said...

It is going to be a mess and a half.
Anyone who believes the government can create wealth has not been paying attention. said...

It's more like welcome back Jimmy Carter. He now has gotten his second term.

Too many people in this country are stupid sheep.