Monday, February 16, 2009

Look At These Boobs ! ! !

I love Fox News Channel, but I am afraid that they are turning me into a pervert. All day and all night I see boobs on there.
Look at some of the boobs I saw tonight

That's a lot of boob's, and it's a wonder to me why no one else gets a better look for themselves.
But anyway, while looking at all these dirty sights, I did hear that we would all get a little more in our paycheck after this stimulus gets started

Whoo-Hooo ! Big money.
I guess that's a slam dunk for the Obama followers.
Maybe they can spend that money on one of these and get the economy going

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!! Hey, gotta laugh to keep from crying


Lauren said...

Completely LMAO! said...

Not only are those a lot of boobs, but they're perverts too!

They pervert our money!

Barako Brew said...

Yup. That Obama Sex Doll sure closed the deal.

.... And I meant in the FUNNY department. Okay. ;)

Da Old Man said...

That's 2 bucks a day.

Should I order a new car, or book that vacation?

Maybe I'll just put a down payment on dinner.