Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bubba Effect

I knew groups were forming, and I know of 2 groups in my area that are coming together to prepare for some type of unrest.
I did not think I would see it on Fox news this soon

It makes sense to me. The government works for the people, not the other way around
With talk now of states such as New Hampshire, and 20 others looking to leave the union, It seems that Obama and his Kool-Aid Dems are heading towards a brick wall
I guess the honeymoon for Barrack is over


Lauren said...

I said this b4 the election...that this was a civil war.

Josh said...

The main thing that scares me about a gargantuan government causing people to revolt is the state we'll be in defensively.

We won't make it to a Kevin Costner-esque post-apocolyptic future with gangs wearing hubcaps and dog chains. Instead, we'll be completely obliterated - wiped off the map permanent by both world enemies and those wanting to seize bragging rights.

Everybody has courage when their opponent's already down.

The Fearless Blog said...

I watched the program...twice. Every time I turn the TV on, read the paper or read a blog post, there is something new to think about. I analyze our current economic/political conditions and when I think I have a tiny piece figured out, something new gets thrown in and there goes whatever I thought I knew. I am not panicking but I am worried and pessimistic, not for myself just yet but for so many other people who are "waiting" for a miracle to happen immediately.

Glen Beck and others like him have at least had the courage to speak up and bring certain issues and concerns to the forefront. I know too many people that have, as Rush has pointed out, begun whispering their thoughts in fear of who might hear. That alone scares the beegeebees out of me. If we lose our freedom to speak freely, well then...I guess that may just signal the beginning of life as we know it in the US of A. God help us then!

Enjoy reading your posts. said...

I saw this show the other evening and found it highly interesting.

This stuff is going on all around us. All you have to do is have your eyes and ears ready to see and hear.

The things is most of the American people have a mindset geared towards freedom and individuality. They will not be easily converted, if at all, to any type of serfdom or socialism, where all bow down towards Washing D.C. as if it were the end all.

All hell would break loose before that happens, especially in the South and Midwest, where most folks are conservative and not government dependent, unlike all of those who live in the major cities, who look to the government for practically all of their answers and needs.


Eat Well. Live Well.

The BoBo said...

I watched this episode last Fri night on Glenn Beck. Pretty good if you asked me. Pretty scary stuff too! I sure as hell hope it doesn't come down to it.

But - what isn't in this segment is the fact that the militias they are talking about are the good guys in this warfare. These militias will be the guys standing up for the constitution and our rights guaranteed under it.

He also stated that the U.S. military and law enforcement would be on the side of the militias if it ever came down to it.

The Hawg! said...

Wow. Just wow. I looked around the Internet and it seems there's a lot of talk about secession out there these days.

That's heady stuff. Hey, it happened once and the rebels got crushed like bugs for it.

Scary, indeed!


This was obvious in the fall with the concern over the 'Messiah' leading in the polls. If you wandered into a local gun shop you could feel the tension in the air. These folks think they are going to strip away our rights and they have the majority. I am not standing idlely by...

Anonymous said...

You are all nut jobs. Seriously. You scare me.

Anonymous said...

We scare you? Then be scared, be very scared, because anyone who wants to take away my Second Amendment rights and/or my right of free speech as protected under our beautiful Constitution should be scared. You cannot have your idealistic socialist state without going through us.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Mr. R

Sixt said...

Faith, love, and hope.
Don't most of you claim themselves to be Christians? If you loose the three virtues, everything will go to hell, yes. It's a selffulfilling prophecy: Those who think violence, prepare for violence, wait for the violence to happen - it's them that will bring the war upon themselves. For "they that sow the wind will reap the whirlwind." It's not about the guns you have in your homes, not even about the guns you have in your hands. They are good where they are, for yes, you have the right to have them. It's about the weapons you hold in your hearts. Get rid of them.

Peace to all of us!