Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did We Get Any Answers ???

I was waiting for an answer last night. I wanted to hear what gloom and doom is waiting for us if we do not spend 1.5 million on tennis courts in Northern Va.

I want to know why we need dog parks in California, and why it is a priority to re-sod and landscape the grounds at the national mall

I wanted to know why this managed health care plan is set to limit health care to seniors, and decide for you what medical procedures you can and can not have done

I want to know why throwing good money, that we don't even have, after bad is going to help us get on the right track

We need to prepare for whats coming because allowing the government to remodel their offices, and buy new vehicles, and throw more money at the global warming crap does not affect what happens to people in the unemployment office down in Dallas Georgia, or Mt. Eagle Tennessee, or even down here in the Northern Neck of Virginia where I live

I did hear a few things last night that did make me laugh. Obama said, once again, that he walked into this debt. He failed to mention that he helped create this mess. He also failed to mention that the decisions made by the Democrats sent the housing mess out of control.

I found out that the Washington Post was more concerned about Obama's feeling on A-Rod doping up than how much this stimulus will cost our children

And for the first time ever, the President called on an extreme left wing media outlet, the Huffington Post, who instead of asking if the President was concerned for his aunt that was in the states illegally and facing deportation, asked about prosecuting the previous administration for war crimes

I hate to get all preachy now, but I think it's time. With or without this bill, all of us need to learn self reliance. We need to stand on our own 2 legs and take care of ourselves and not get sucked into the welfare system that the government is offering. Less government, more people.

Do we want to continue to live free, or let Washington make our decisions for us ?

This is enough of this mess and all those suits inside the beltway can hold hands and walk into a wood chipper for all I care. I want a change, and Obama's not bringing it.

Disagree ? Go drink your freakin Kool-Ade


Josh said...

When I went to watch House and seen that it was Obama QnA night, I already knew the deal. Pre-screened fluffy questions to be used as a platform to showcase Obama's natural gift for speech making. I wasn't the least bit surprised that he answered nary a concern that I have.

The only thing that really ticked me off was his continued campaign rhetoric about how this mess is the fault of the Bush administration.

Take "Obama" out of this picture and put ANYONE else in. How long do you think the public would stand for it?

Stupid people aren't allowed to say that any President is a smart choice. And if you're one of the many millions of people who take Obama at his word and blame the "Bush way" of doing things for this financial mess -- you're stupid. No two ways about it.

Bush inherited a recession - albeit not as bad as this, supposedly - he then dealt with terrorist attacks. He still managed to create 10-million new jobs and inflate the economy for nearly 6 years. We lived the proof. Lib-media can't erase that.

Umm, why's Bush being blamed again? Damn, dude; you got the job already! What's next? You'll claim that we're all racist if we don't get on board?

Lauren said...

Obama wants a revolution. It's really that simple. It's only a matter of time before he pushes for no term limits. Mark my words. Be afraid be very afraid.