Saturday, July 12, 2008

Say what you think, not yell

What would you put up with ? How far are you willing to go ? In our united states, we are allowed a say, our voice to be heard, to speak out against issues and actions that we disagree with. But are we allowed to speak it in the right place and to the right person ? What if only a small group of people had the same disagreement, maybe to few to be noticed or heard. Do they count? I think they do. And I am glad that forums like this exist to make it possible to get a message out. I read your messages, and I contemplate your views without judgement, so never think that you are not heard. That being said, I would go as far as praising someone who is willing to publish their beliefs and try to bring out a wrong that has gone unnoticed. I can put up with views that are different than mine, but I draw the line at someone criticizing me for what I believe and trying to change my opinion. I will not make a snap judgement on issues, I will take the time to get the facts and become informed before I settle in to an opinion. Today, I came out from the store and had obsenities yelled at me because of a sticker on the back of my truck. The sticker announced my choice for candidate, which I believe I am entitled to display. I can tolerate a thumbs down, or maybe a sour face, but why the cursing and name calling ? Is that freedom of speech ? I think not. But that is just my opinion. I was free to shrug it off and not make a scene. To go home and light my grill and BBQ my pork chops and corn on the cob. To turn on the TV I have out on my back porch and watch the Simpsons and Sinefield. To enjoy my ice tea and feel the breeze blow through my porch. Freedom is a fantastic thing, allthough it has different meanings for different people. My one voice will be heard on election day, and I will be happy with whatever the outcome. I am happy that we are free to at least have the choice. That's my thought for today, peace, love, and BBq pork chops

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