Monday, July 14, 2008

Where is our MR. Lincoln ?

In the news this morning, I am hearing that the feds are going to bail more mortgage leanders out of the hole that they created. I understand that these lenders have loans out in the trillions. Well, good for them. Is it fair ? I think not. Bad business decisions are just that. I picture these lenders as the villans that give the evil grin when getting a homeowner to sign on the dotted line, twirling their mustache waiting to snatch the contract away, knowing all the while that impossible payments will not be met, and then they will reclaim the home and repeat the process all over again. Yet the seemingly unfair lending practices are pushed aside when they go to Uncle Sam and cry for help. Maybe instead of these CEO's that make millions a year, and then beg for bailout help from the government that WE pay taxes to, could adjust the intrest rates or terms of the existing loans so that no family will be put out in the street, their credit will not be scared, and the mortgage payment keeps coming in. It is no secret that a very small group of americans posess the nations wealth, and that a large number of people, including myself, have limited funds. I believe that we have become slaves to the economy and there is no lincoln to free us. This economic slavery extends to all races, and many more americans are falling into this life sentence. Will bailing out these lenders help the economy enough to eventually help free us from high inflation and debt ? Will there be a trickle down effect that will eventually allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labor ? In America, I believe that the lady behind the counter is just as important as the suit that goes to work in his mercedes every day. I think she should be entitled to a lifestyle that will allow her to have a decent vehicle, and a decent place to live, and food to eat. We are promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country, but I find it hard to pursue happiness very far when after the bills are paid there is not enough money for gas in the car. We need to start seaching for our lincoln, someone who is more concerned about ALL people, and not just their account balance.........

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