Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hangin out in the shallow end

I like the title to today's submission because I am very new to this and I hope it will offer a small explanation as to the content of my story. As I said in the previous post, I was in an auto accident, and am dealing with my doctors, lawyers, and boredom on a daily basis and that is why I started this. I am hopefull that someone will read this, and offer their tales of recovery, negotiations, and settlement offers and hopefully have a positive end. A little info about what happened is that I was rear-ended while at a stoplight. Most of the damage to me is my neck and lower back. Once again, if anyone has any first hand knowledge of their own, I would be glad to hear the outcome. Enough of that, My online "research" today included work from home jobs. I did find some offers that would pay me to read emails, and take surveys for cash, but most of these are only paying .02 cents up to .50 cents per email read or survey taken. I will continue the search at dawn for a profitable work at home business that will actually make some money. I am not the "get rich quick" type, but I would like to be productive. I will share any info I find and hopefully save someone else the hassle. I saw Obama"s ad today on TV that talks about strong families and core values. He mentioned accountability, which to me is a word that is just thrown around and never really meant. How long will any elected official be accountable when called out on a decision he or she has made ? The saying that you can only please SOME of the people SOME of the time should be their motto. I think decisions made in government should benifit the majority, and I understand that it will leave the minority in the cold, but who will be accountable for them ? I feel our country is sweeping many people under the rug to benifit people who really do not deserve the help. This is just a thought, but why hasn't anyone sat down and said hey, instead of helping others outside of our country, why dont we start to fix some things here at home first. We have starving people in our country. We have sick, and homeless, and needy people that could really use a hand. We have katrina survivors that are living in tents and trailers that are trying to put their lives back together. We have whole towns destroyed by tornadoes and floods, and people living in temporary shelters with no place to go. When will someone stand in front of us at a rally, or a town meeting, or at a debate and say I will be accountable for you. I will make sure you have a home to go to. I will make sure you will have food to eat. I will make sure you are healed or cured. I will make sure you have work to care for your family, and if I dont, I will be accountable. just a thought..................

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Dame Wotta Tripp said...

My husband has several very similar stories to tell after some very bad fortune (work & car injuries). No happy outcome yet, but we're still working on it as we've been left with no income, plus sick and injured. I'm going to show him (John) this post - he may want to contact you.
I wish you health, prosperity and a swift resolution of your case.