Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's time to meet Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT

In a recent post, I shared the news that a few of my friends were laid off from their jobs this week. I was included in their rants about how they gave 110 % to the job, never missed work, always did their best to make the company look good, and so on. All of these guys have families, and house payments and one or two kids a piece, and I could see in their faces that the worry had set in deep. Did these men cause their employment problems ? Is there anything more they could have given to keep this from happening? These guys, in my mind, are the state of the union. Their pictures should be displayed on the news programs when the newscaster talks about the recession, and they should talk about why these guys don't have a job. Is it time to think that our government has failed us ? Not just the president, or vice president. Not the congress or senate. Not the republicans or democrats, but the entire government? I am, by no means, an expert on government, nor do I have a vast knowledge of economics, but I can see the sky getting dark and hear the lightning. I want to know if Obama or McCain has a solution to this. Not a plan that gives some relief in two or three years, but a plan that can can reverse the effects of the bad decisions of the past. Is there someone out there who can do it ? Well, I have good news. There is someone who can restore us to the economic strength that we once were. There does exist someone with the power to bring us change. We all know this person, and we all should start to believe in what they think is right, and hold them accountable for what happens to us. Would you like to meet them ? Well, stand up, go into the bathroom, and look in the mirror. Introduce yourself, and tell them what you think needs to be done. Tell them what you think is right or wrong, and tell them it's time to do something about it

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Da Old Man said...

A few years ago, everyone (the big mucky-mucks) said we were moving towards a service economy. Nearly everyone thought this was such a great idea. I thought it was terrible, although I was in the service industry. I hate to say "I told you so" but anyone who does not do as you say, and look in the miorror to find who can get us out of this mess, will continue to contribute to this problem.