Friday, July 11, 2008

Is tommorow comming ?

Is age a relevant thing ? Is the new 40 now 60 ? Is it true that life is over after retirement ? When do the golden years begin. Out of all the things that should be on my mind, all I could think of was my life past and present. I am a believer that everyone is here for a purpose, but what if you have allready completed it ? What if you havent ? how do you prepare ? Should I get a first aid kit and some flares ? Are there any special tools I will need ? I want to be ready because I consider myself a very helpfull person. My inner voice tells me that I have a few reasons to be here, and some tasks have been completed and some not. So lets put this in perspective. Age is not relevant, and 40 is 40, and 60 is 60. Age is a number, and the past is just that, the past. Maybe everyday should not be spent like the last, but at least be thankfull that we were able to have it. Halfway around the world, the " kids " are displaying and testing long and short range missles, torpedoes, aircraft and who knows what else. Can we have any control over our destiny anymore ? Should we look to our government for answers ? Will one of the two candidates be able to settle the unrest ? Should we even be in a holy war on someone else's soil ? Let's bring it closer to home shall we ? If your two neighbors were in a disagreement over a property line between their homes, would you go over and try to settle the dispute ? What if you had some kind of interest in one of the neighbors property ? Hopefully you would not let things come to that. You would be self sufficient on your own property. Maybe that tells me that we should find energy here, and leave the others to their own fight and stay impartial. In the upcomming election, we are promised CHANGE, I really hope so. Just a thought.........

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