Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I found more money

I am really starting to like the paid email plan I signed on to. I checked another site I am registered with and checked my earnings to date, and there it was. Mind you, it was not a lot, but more than I had last week ! I have included it on my links so you can get a little cash for yourself. It seems safe, and I have not seen any spam from them. In my book, they are worth reccomending, so give it a shot. The reporters on TV had a lot to talk about today, with GW informing us that our deposits are safe, and General Motors telling us that they are cutting jobs and cutting production. Obama was in DC telling us about troop withdrawl in 16 months, and everyone else commenting on our resiliant economy. I can believe the troops will be home in 16 months, or maybe even less because we will not have the money to pay them anymore. Will we be drilling off shore in the next few months ? I think so. That idea seems to be the best one GW has put out there in a while. With $5.00 gas in the future, will anyone be able to afford to go to work ? Where I live, gas is at $4.00, and I am thankfull because just a short 30 ride it is up to $4.39. I cannot believe that no one saw this comming and nothing was done to slow it down or stop it. With all these money problems in the states, I have no choice but to sit here and look for moneymaking opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your post. I want to comment on off shore drilling. I have watched Congress and many of the reports about our oil crisis being read on CSpan. Seems for the most part off shore drilling would really not benefit us. It would take nearly 10 years to get any oil. Instead of going to us, it would be diluted in the world market. Our environment would take a real hit (remember ExxonMobil doesn't really like to clean it's spills). The bottom line is really that the oil companies have built refineries in many years, not the supply of oil at this time. This whole mess is the oil companies plan to pressure us into allowing the drilling. Congress will be asking to release oil from our reserves to flood the market and shake the speculators loose. This will help more than off shore drilling.