Monday, July 21, 2008

The final evil countdown ?

Guess what day it is ? Today marks the 106th day untill the elections. At least that's what fox news said. Are you ready ? Are we ready ? I think we've been ready for nearly 8 years now. Have you heard the expression " lesser of two evils "? That phrase really applies to us in November. We need to make a decision on the lesser of a lot of evils. The war, the economy, healthcare, global warming, rising inflation, taxes, declining infrastructure, and so much more. But to truly prepare for the most important decision we are going to have to make, we should have started years ago. I am just as guilty as the next person in not being prepared, because two or three years ago, there was more to be pleased with than not. Let me explain. A short 12 months ago there was plenty of work to go around. I had a little disposable income in my pocket, a full tank of gas, steaks on the grill when I wanted, and the images in my mind of bigger and better things to come. Yes, we were at war, GW was fumbling his way around the white house, and according to some, the sky was falling and we were soon going to burst in flames from the global warming. But all the good things overshadowed the problems so much that they became swept under the rug. I personally hope for change in the next administration, and hopefully the change we get is not what's left after government takes what they want from my paycheck. We should not ask the government to solve all our problems, or take care of us like children, but we should ask that they remember who put them there, and we should ask that they be accountable for their decisions. As Americans, we should take the time to be accountable as well, and become educated about the people who will control our county's destiny for the next four years. It is OUR decision to make, and we all have to live with the outcome. Are these the right people for the job ? Is there no other that can be offered to us ? If not, Which of the two are the least evil ?

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