Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love free speech

Everyday I become more and more disgusted at the media. How did this happen ? The media is only good for about 1/10 of the actual news. I had to go to youtube today to hear what GW really had to say about the mortgage crisis. I read blogs all day to get a view into what people really have to say about economy, the war, our candidates, etc. I had heard the term PUMA before today, and thought it meant Party - Unity - My - Ass, but today, for the first time it was explained to me in a blog. This blog, by the way, is one that I read daily. If you would like, you can see it for yourself at This blog has got some great stuff. I read today, on another blog about the rescue bill that is going to the senate that will bail out the mortgage lenders and banks that are in trouble. I was unaware of the tax breaks that will be given to homeowners that refinance, and new buyers that finance a new home. I know that the housing industry is a huge part of our economy, and now that I have been informed by another blogger about what steps our government is doing to fix it, I see the bigger picture. Now because of their writings, I feel more confident in the decision to fix their problem. The information I got from that blog was not offered to me on any news channel I watched today. Free speech is great, and I will stand and fight to protect the ability to do it, but the bias has to stop. Many televised media outlets are losing, or allready lost their credibility with me and many other bloggers out there. If you are going to report the news, then tell me all of it. Not just your version of it. Wer'e all big kids out here, we can take it. GO BLOGGERS !!!


JR said...

I stopped watching news on TV because it's become a numbers game, almost a spectators sport. I want facts and less time focused on people arguing and talking over one another... I look forward to reading your blog!

Corey Freeman said...

I don't know that there's a lot of freedom to really give your "personal opinion" in mainstream media. There's slander and liability laws, and honestly, you can come off as a jerk on national television.

I think you should be getting honest opinions and news from blogs. They're for free expression and for digging deeper while mainstream media is more "big idea."