Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did Anything Happen ?

Its all over now.
So did anything get done ?
For some reason, Harry Reid will be in D.C. for another term, and I heard Barney Frank will be there as well.
It also seems Barbara Boxer Kept her seat, but you know she worked so hard for that title.
I guess people deserve what they get, that is some people, but this is a democracy, and because the actions of some will affect everyone, meaning the re-election of people that may not have the Countries best interest on their mind, we will have to prepare ourselves for some very hard times.
I am sure that we all know that POTUS has allowed the printing of more money to be infused into the system, which I am sure most of you know will make the value of that dollar bill in your pocket decrease substantially.
Are you ready for some $10.00 bread, and some $25.00 gallons of milk ? Combine this with the fact that we have not seen any jobs in the last two years and you can just imagine the job these new " winners " from last night will be walking into.
Several weeks back, I posted about helping people that were jobless, that had no prospects, and no help left from anywhere. I suggested maybe offering some yard work to them or having them do some home repair, anything would be a blessing. I also asked that donating to food banks and shelters would be a help as well.
The task of restoring our Nation will take much more than a slogan or a catch phrase, it will also take making the decision to come back to becoming God fearing American citizens that value the Constitution, the Bible, and the Flag.
We need to basically turn the clocks back on our values to a time when we had pride in ourselves, pride in our Country, had Honor and self respect, and took responsibility for our actions, and at the same time, made others take responsibility for their actions.
We can do this, we just have to keep standing.


Sandee said...

I'm embarrassed to live in California. We have moonbeam Brown back and he was awful when he was governor before. God help us.

Have a terrific day. :)

Greg said...

With gridlock maybe will all be better off, no stupid laws or regulations that burden the system.

I agree with you last points, we need to take responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors and quit relying on government to solve all our problems, because frankly they don't!